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My Diamond Geezer

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my diamond geezer

I’ve been married to my diamond geezer for 16 years which I can’t quite believe, especially as I don’t feel old enough to have been married that long. (I’m 40!)

When we got engaged, we were living in a one bedroom flat in London and didn’t have much money, so although we wanted a traditional diamond engagement ring, we chose a ruby as the centrepiece stone with a small diamond on each side. It was a beautiful ring but very modest, and I use the past tense with the ring as the ruby actually fell out and got lost one day many years ago!

If I could wave a magic wand and replace my lost engagement ring, I’d love to choose an engagement ring from Vashi. Vashi Dominguez is a diamond expert who has appeared on UK TV many times. His jewels have been worn by celebrities like Rita Ora and Pixie Lott and his designs are both beautiful and exclusive.

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When buying an engagement ring, it is traditional to spend two months’ salary on the purchase. I think we probably did at the time, but as we were so young we didn’t earn very much! I was newly graduated and he was only a few years into his building career that started with a YTS – Youth Training Scheme for those readers too young to know what this is!

Thinking about this fact and looking at what is traditional when proposing, led me to have a few thoughts… Is a proposal ever like what is shown in the movies?

Let’s say we were getting engaged now, at 40 years of age. Two months’ salary now would indeed buy a bigger diamond, but I think the ‘getting down on one knee’ tradition would do his back in!

Can you imagine him asking my Dad for my hand in marriage? Dad would probably say “Please – for God’s sake, take her!” The way we could do a proposal now would be more ‘movie like’, we were just kids before but we did have the romance. The ‘can’t live without each other’ feeling that meant we had to cement our union. It was inevitable.

my diamond geezer

The diamond you choose (if you choose wisely) will last a lifetime, so make it a good one. I think that I will have to now wait until my ‘diamond’ anniversary to get another diamond – but that is 60 years! Our next ‘big’ anniversary is the silver anniversary at 25 years, this is only 9 years away so maybe we can do something then. But whatever we do, at least I have my diamond in human form!

I was recently introduced to Vashi and enjoyed browsing the website – I hope that you will too. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make JuggleMum possible!

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