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My in-flight beauty essentials

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The more I travel long haul, the better I get at packing for it! I’ve just come back from Thailand which was a 13 hour flight and I took with me, most of the things I wanted to have on hand for optimum comfort during the flight, but I did forget something! So I wanted to share my beauty travel essentials so you can make sure that you have everything you need to feel comfortable and help your skin during the dehydrating expedition that is a long haul flight!

Firstly – what I took. This is getting harder than it ever used to be when I was a teenager and used to read the checklists in my teen magazines on what to pack in your hand luggage! Firstly, as a teen, my skin was already dewey and hydrated and I didn’t really need much heavy duty care. But secondly because these days there are limits on the amounts of liquids you can take through airport security, your packing has to be savvier than ever before!

My must haves are as follows:

  • My eye drops: I get dry eyes both upon waking when I’m at home but also on flights due to having laser eye surgery 15 years ago. I cannot fly without these.
  • Vaseline lip balm: A must for putting over your lips at the start of and during the flight so you don’t get cracked lips!
  • Hand sanitiser: Always wash your hands before eating and after the loo but this handy pump provides ‘top up’ cleans – who knows what is lurking on those airplane tray tables!
  • Hand cream: I always carry a hand cream in my handbag for top ups throughout the day. I like my hands to feel moisturised. But for travel I take a very handy mini sized tube. You can get smaller tubes of good hand cream from Rituals and L’Occitane.
  • A travel sized spray deodorant: Helps keep that fresh feeling for your arrival at your destination.

These are all less than the 100ml airport security limit and they all fit easily into a small plastic zip lock bag for security scanning.

For long haul I also take the following:

  • MAC Prep + Prime Fix +: This is a lightweight spray that refreshes skin – you can apply it as many times as you like throughout the flight. It comes in 4 varieties, mine is coconut for that holiday scent! It also acts as a make-up finisher so it’s handy on the holiday when you have applied your make-up for the night, to set it. It’s usually £19 on the High Street but I get mine in duty free for £15.
  • Sleep eye mask: This is what I forgot this time and I really missed it! Even though it’s hard to get any kind of good sleep on a flight, wearing an eye mask really helps to block out distractions and help you get some rest onboard.
  • Travel pillow: Over the years I’ve tried loads. The traditional ‘U’ shaped pillow (great but bulky to carry), a microbead cushion roll (takes up less space but it harder to keep in place for a comfy rest) but this time I bought something new that I’d seen on the internet – a Trtl pillow. Designed by a couple of Scottish mechanical engineers, this pillow gives more support than any other travel pillow in the world and is scientifically backed. My family said I looked like I was wearing a neck brace and laughed at it but I found it very comfortable and if it works for me, I don’t really care what anyone thinks! Mine was from Amazon.

So that is my list. I try to travel as light as possible but these are the must haves.

What do you take with you on long haul flights? Let me know in the comments.

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