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My So Shape challenge in time for Christmas

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It’s almost Christmas – a time of year when our figures are toward the back of our minds as we look forward to festive food, booze and a more relaxed state of being for a few days! But I’ve recently been trying out So Shape – a company who provides easy, quick and tasty Smart Meals, putting innovation at the core of nutrition to help you shape the best version of yourself whilst enjoying life! Sounds great right? Living a busy life means that anything I can do to make shaping up simple and fit in to my day is a winner for me, so I gave their 28 day challenge a go!

bowl of So Shape and shaker

They offer a few different challenges, 5 days, 14 days and 28 days, but I went for the ‘big one’ so I could try out more of their exciting flavours. Upon looking at the So Shape website and their Instagram feed, what I loved immediately about the brand is their energy. Their images are so colourful and enticing and their personality really shone through. It made the thought of the challenge an appealing proposition, to be inspired by the things the community were posting on the So Shape Results Instagram page, rather than a long slog which might have been my perception otherwise. I wasn’t in it for the dramatic weight loss which might attract some people to start a programme like this, but more for the boost to my energy and a feeling of overall wellbeing which I needed at this time of year when the dark nights make me want to hibernate with a bar of chocolate, and the cold makes it that much harder to motivate myself to exercise.

Celebrating the female body

The So Shape team approached me initially after reading and enjoying my blog post about celebrating the female body, as their intentions are similar to my own – they want to share a positive attitude toward body acceptance, and don’t want women to be seen as skinny and weak. Their attitude is that women are strong, at the top of their shape and always on a 100% energy level. This resonated with me and if you read my blog post, you’ll see that after many, many years of fighting with my body, being overweight and unhappy with how it looks and feels, I have reached a place of acceptance with my body and appreciation for what it does for me. Whilst it is still my intention to lose weight and have a slimmer shape, I am moving toward that goal these days with a calmer attitude, gently taking steps towards what I do want, rather than beating myself up and running away from what I don’t want. It’s more about attracting the results I want, less ‘strive’ and more ‘being’.

Having said all this, there is effort involved. But with So Shape the ‘effort’ is more about getting your mindset into the place where it needs to be to start the programme, rather than in the actual preparation of the food. That part is really easy! I have also stepped up my efforts at the gym, from a usual 3x per week to 4x per week which includes working out with a personal trainer. She is helping me to strength train to develop lean muscle and build a confidence in my physical abilities – pushing me to the edge of my comfort zone and showing me that I can do it!

So how does So Shape work? There are 22 different flavours of sachets which are easy to prepare – taking just 2 minutes and they constitute a full meal with just the right amount of calories and nutrients to lose weight, keep your energy up and feel satisfied. They are also 100% vegetarian! This is an alternative to complex diets that are hard to follow. There is just one easy rule: Eat So Shape meals for breakfast and lunch or dinner. That’s it. Just enjoy a free meal a day (lunch or dinner) as you normally would.

The flavours they have in the range are as follows:
Sweet: Strawberry Tart
Sweet: Chocolate
Sweet: Cookies & cream
Sweet: Vanilla & white chocolate
Sweet: Sea Salt caramel
Sweet: Cappuccino
Sweet: Hazelnut
Sweet: Brownie
Sweet: Coco Choco
Sweet: Speculoos
Sweet: Stracciatella
Iced Frappe: Mint choc chip
Iced Frappe: Lemon Cheesecake
Iced Frappe: Raspberry
Hot meal: Indian curry pasta
Hot meal: Cheese pasta
Hot meal: Pasta spicy bolo
Hot meal: Mushroom risotto
Hot meal: Pesto pasta
Hot soup: Tomato soup
Hot soup: French Garden Soup
Hot soup: Pumpkin & chestnut soup

The mushroom risotto was a revelation for me! I was amazed that by mixing the powder and water, that I could have a lunch that smells, tastes and is the consistency of a mushroom risotto – without any of the faff of standing over a pan! There are different preparation methods, depending on whether you eat a hot or cold meal, but you get a booklet that explains all within! The outer of each packet comes with an inspiring or uplifting quote – one of my favourites is “I’d rather look into the future because that’s where I want to live”.

There are both hot and cold food options, and also sweet and savoury – so you can eat to suit your palette. I tended to prefer the hot meals like the tomato soup, but the cappuccino was great too – an easy way to do ‘breakfast’ without thinking too much about the plan. All in all, they are really good for people on the go – without a lot of time to prepare or think about what food they want to eat. At least this way, you know you are getting a nutritious meal in an instant and at around £3 per meal, they are equivalent in price to a shop bought ‘lunch on the go’.

The So Shape method has so many good points; quick and easy, nutritionally balanced, lots of flavours and the fab supportive community on social media, but there was a downside I found. The packets are fairly easy to open but a couple of times I split the packet too far and spilled out some of the powder when I was preparing the meal. Also there are some meals that involved microwaving the product and for this to blend in the shaker then transfer to a microwave bowl to heat was a bit faffy. An area for improvement would be to remove an extra step and allow the shaker to be used in the microwave – to create less mess and fuss. However overall the system worked in the midst of my busy life and I have come to the end of it looking visibly leaner on the hips, with more energy than I’d expected.

To try out the So Shape method for yourself, here’s a discount code for JuggleMum readers: JUGGLEMUM10 get 10% off your 14 or 28-day Challenge, UK only!

Further information at the UK So Shape Website:
So Shape Twitter (This is in French as it is a French brand)
So Shape Instagram plus their So Shape Results Instagram where they repost shares from users in their community.

Disclosure: This post includes a review of So Shape where I was compensated for my time in reviewing the product. All opinions in this blog post are mine alone and are an honest representation of my experience.

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Comments to My So Shape challenge in time for Christmas

  • Wow! So many flavours to choose from. My weight is currently at the fore front of my mind as we are off to the USA in January and I’d like to lose some weight in preperation. These sound great, thanks

    Suzy McCullough 5th December 2017 10:54 am Reply
  • Oooh, that looks great and nice and easy.

    Emma 6th December 2017 8:23 pm Reply
  • This sounds great, something I will definitely be looking into in the New Year as my Christmas eating started rather early this year 😉

    Sonia 13th December 2017 2:31 pm Reply
    • Yes, it’s the time of year when we all look to shape up! Good luck with it!

      Nadine Hill 8th January 2018 9:53 am Reply

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