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My travel wishlist

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JuggleMum Featured Post ImageWhat would you do if you won the lottery? It’s a great question isn’t it? Really allows you to let loose and dream, of the places, the things, how you’d live.

For me, if I won the lottery I think I’d travel. I love visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and of course, getting a suntan! I always seem to look better on holiday – tanned, glowing skin and plenty of sleep helps! I spent last weekend in France, checking out a fascinating theme park and hotel resort, and we are headed to Turkey for our family holiday later in the year. However if money were no object I think I’d really travel. Not visit tourist hotspots, but pack a bag, grab my passport and really explore with no fixed agenda, just seeing where the mood takes me.

I’d like to start in Bali – this destination is on my travel wishlist but from there, who knows?


The thing is, you actually have to play the lottery to be in with a chance of winning!! Many years ago when the lottery first came out, I’d put £1 on to have a flutter, but these days there are a wealth of different lotteries to choose from and different ways to bet. Lottoland is one of these new ways that allows you to play lotteries all around the world! Why restrict yourself to one country when you can go global?! The only thing is, local rules would mean that you cannot enter each lottery as you normally would. But with Lottoland, you actually bet on the outcome of the various lotteries to win a prize. It is a different way of placing the bet and you can learn more about Lottoland’s model here. This way we get access to lotteries that are not normally available to us!

Lottoland will match the prizes of official lottery operators so you win as if you had won with an official lottery ticket. An example would be: let’s say you bet on a lottery, such as the US PowerBall, and you guess 5 numbers (but not the PowerBall). This would win you the second prize tier which is about £34,000. Lottoland will match this prize and pay you the prize money. Powerball is an American lottery with huge jackpots – a staggering $1.6 billion (£1 billion) in January 2016 and hundreds of millions worth jackpots won since, so the rewards are potentially huge.

Dreaming about where I’d go if I won the lottery gets me through many a dark winter’s night in the UK, where would you go if you won? Let me know in the comments! Also, have you heard of this new way to play the world’s lotteries before today? It was new to me too – do let me know what you think!

This post was written in collaboration with Lottoland.

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  • There are so many places I would love to visit, my list keeps getting bigger and bigger!
    Kukdeep Dogra

    Alexa 19th July 2018 7:33 am Reply

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