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My Weather Photo on ITV News!

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Calendar Jon Mitchell presents my pic

I recently had a trip to the beach on a cloudy and rainy day! Now this doesn’t immediately sound like too much fun. It’s best to go to the beach when the sun shines, right? But clouds and a bit of moody lighting = some pretty fabulous photography opportunities!

Whilst I was there, I spotted the perfect seascape image from my vantage point on a pier. I quickly snapped the shot, and because the weather wasn’t exactly glorious, the beach was nice and deserted too! Check out my image below, this is the beach at Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

Saltburn by the Sea landscape

Saltburn by the Sea Image credit: Nadine Hill

I loved the shot, so I decided to send it to Calendar News, for their daily #weatherphotos feature. After emailing in, I hoped that they would like the photo enough to use it but then I put it out of my head and enjoyed exploring the Yorkshire coastline for the next few hours.

Driving back later that afternoon, I wanted to get home in time to watch the early evening news. I was keen to find out whether my photo would make the cut! Happily it did. Weather presenter Jon Mitchell used my image first in his daily showcase, I was so excited I whooped right out of my seat and paused the screen to enable me to take these shots!

Calendar Jon Mitchell presents my pic

Calendar weather presenter Jon Mitchell in front of my photo! Image credit: Nadine Hill

Calendar weather presenter Jon Mitchell in front of my photo! Image credit: Nadine Hill

If you are local to the Yorkshire region and want to be in with a chance to have your own images used, here are a few tips.

  • They require landscape orientation of the images or videos you send, as it fits on the screen better
  • It’s best to consider that the presenter will stand to the left side of the shot when it appears on screen, so allow for that when framing your subject
  • Put your name for the photo credit into the email subject header to make it easy for them to give the correct attribution. They also need to know where the photo was taken
  • Send the image as early as you can during the day, to give the production team time to see your image and decide their evening’s showcase. I sent my photo in at around 11.30am
  • The email address for your images is
  • Professional photographers will not be name checked on screen. If you are a pro then they ask you to use a pseudonym
  • So that’s it! Have you ever had your photography featured on a TV programme or in a magazine? Share your experiences in the comments!

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