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There’s only #OneYou: Here’s how to look after you!

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I was determined that 40 would be my best year yet! My 30’s had been better than my 20’s and my 20’s had been better than my teenage years. I was not dreading the big 4-0, rather embracing it with a ‘bring it on’ attitude! But when I got here I realised that whilst I may be generally happier in life than I was in earlier years, my body wasn’t! Having a 40 year old body is a lot different than a 30 year old one – unless you make changes. You get more aches in your joints for a start! Feeling what it is like to be inside a 40 year old frame made me realise that if I wanted to have a mobile, flexible, ache free and healthy body as I got older, I would need to start making changes now.

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I’d never been very educated around food. Growing up I never learned to cook, we didn’t have much variety in our diet. It was a ‘meat and two veg’ household with some convenience foods thrown in and fresh fruit for snacks was too expensive for my single mother who was struggling to keep us all on a budget. I started to gain weight as a teenager and laid down patterns of behaviour with food that were not healthy. Looking back now, I see that my lack of awareness of what constituted a healthy meal, plus a busy lifestyle contributed to my weight creeping on over the years. I was over fed and under nourished.

When I become a mother I tasked myself to learn how to cook, so I could prepare healthy meals for the family. The truth? It wasn’t as hard as I’d thought. It was fear mainly that was keeping me from doing it. With cooking, you can bung anything in and most of the time it will come out ok. It is trial and error. We always think other people will be better at it than us, but it’s not true. I saw this for myself when I became a Pampered Chef consultant for a while. I was being paid to go to people’s homes and cook! Me! But being in that role where people saw me as an expert on food, even though I wouldn’t claim to be any such thing, made me realise that all creating a delicious, healthy meal is – is a little know how and some confidence.

the best parties are in my kitchen

Me enjoying my kitchen!

These days I enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. When I took control of my eating, my weight stabilised at first and now it is on the way back down. It takes time, I didn’t gain weight overnight and it will take time to lose it, but I enjoy the foods I eat now, and I feel much better in myself. The changes I have made are simple, easy swaps and reminders that anyone can do and they don’t have to cost much money. In fact they can save you money!

One You is here to help you get back to a healthier you. Get free advice and support to improve your health by taking the How Are You online health quiz today. You can find loads of tips and resources at their website but here are some tips of my own that have helped me.

Let me share some tips below:

  • Simple swaps. You can easily get more wholegrain into your diet by swapping a cereal breakfast for some rolled oats and fruit. You can have a mid-afternoon snack of a small handful of unsalted nuts instead of a bag of crisps. Switch a fizzy drink for some cordial with no added sugar. All are little tweaks that you can make daily to have a big difference. My easiest tweak ever was switching from semi skimmed milk to skimmed milk in my tea. It tastes the same and has less saturated fat so I’m not taking in extra that I don’t need.
  • Portion control. This can be hard to manage but I’ve found an easy way to help me make the best choices. When I plate up a meal I do it in reverse! If we have a roast dinner for example, often we put our meat on the plate first, then potatoes, then vegetables. Try putting the veg on first, then potatoes, then meat. See what happens! You will usually find that you end up taking less food overall and you will still feel full and in control of portions!
  • Eat the rainbow. I make sure that I have colour on my plate, the more colour – the better! The government advice is to eat at least ‘5 a day’ of a variety of fruit and vegetables and ideally these should be spread out throughout the day, so one breakfast smoothie with 5 fresh ingredients then beige food for the rest of the day won’t cut it!! To ensure that I am eating well and counteract boredom, I choose a variety of different foods, and often have a piece of fresh fruit for after the meal as a kind of pudding. Finishing the meal with some sweetness from fruit seems to satisfy me and prevent overeating.
  • Drink more water! When we are thirsty, we can mistake that feeling for hunger and lead us to eating when we don’t really need to. This means we are taking in extra calories that we don’t need which gets stored as fat if we don’t burn it off. Because I don’t always remember to drink water as much as I should, I downloaded a free app on my phone (just search ‘water app’ or ‘water tracker’) and there are loads to choose from! I don’t go for expensive bottled water either (unless I’m out and about). I just drink from the tap at home – it’s free!
  • Use your freezer! When I started having more fresh vegetables in my diet, I would become frustrated with how quickly they go off in the fridge! Then I didn’t like to throw the half eaten food out and have to re-stock. It is expensive and feels wasteful. What I do now is buy the vegetables that I found I was throwing out quickly in frozen form! I will always buy fresh peppers as I love them and will eat them before they go off, but mushrooms are another matter! I would buy fresh mushrooms, use them for one meal then the rest would sit in my salad drawer of the fridge until I threw them out. Once I realised this, I bought them as frozen, sliced mushrooms which I can use in a stir fry straight from the freezer with no waste and I always have mushrooms in!
  • Here is an easy and healthy recipe for stuffed peppers that I enjoy making…

    To find more food information including some cheap and easy recipe ideas and access to the One You apps, click here. You can also take the ‘How are you?’ quiz at the top of the page to find out where you are now and get some useful suggestions and personalised support to help you make healthy changes. I did the quiz and it told me that my diet looks fine but that I could move a bit more to maximise my health benefits! It suggested more strength training so this could be at the gym or simply lifting heavy shopping bags! Any excuse to go shopping, right?

    How are you making healthy tweaks to improve your overall health? Have any of my tips been useful to you? Let me know in the comments!

    Disclosure: I’m supporting One You, Public Health England’s new health campaign which provides free and personalised support, advice and tools to help adults make small changes to improve their health now and in the future. Take the online How Are You quiz now!

    Comments to There’s only #OneYou: Here’s how to look after you!

    • Love that photo of you in the kitchen! I’m trying to slowly improve my diet but if you don’t get in the right mind set it’s not easy x

      Lisa H 10th May 2016 1:12 pm Reply
      • That’s true Lisa, it’s all about having your head in the game too. I enjoyed taking that photo, it was a giggle with my kids! x

        Nadine Hill 10th May 2016 2:30 pm Reply
    • I need to use more frozen vegetables or freeze ones that I don’t use quickly to stop food waste.

      Erica Price 10th May 2016 1:14 pm Reply
      • Yes, freeze what you don’t use! It feels so wasteful when I have to chuck food away, I really don’t like doing it.

        Nadine Hill 10th May 2016 2:30 pm Reply
    • I’m terrible for not scheduling in proper meal times for myself, so I end up snacking. I have 2 of the fussiest kids on the planet with multiple food issues so they don’t eat what we eat. But like you have got to change, rapidly approaching 43 and the joint aches are not a good sign! I find carrying a water bottle about with me helps me drink more, it’s in the car wherever I go.

      Sandra 10th May 2016 2:50 pm Reply
      • Carrying a water bottle is an excellent idea, and if you get one of those filter style bottles, you can also put things like sliced fresh lemon in or fruits to have a fruit flavour water! Great tip!

        Nadine Hill 10th May 2016 3:37 pm Reply
    • Do you really have a disco ball in your kitchen? I like to think that I eat healthily but then I go and spoil it all with the wrong kind of snacks. I just can’t go for an apple if what I really want is a packet of crisps. I know I could break the habit if I tried.

      Anne 10th May 2016 2:52 pm Reply
      • haha yes I absolutely do! Here is another post where you can also see the disco ball: I know what you mean about the snacking Anne, I have started to make my own potato crisps for these such moments. You just thinly slice a peeled potato on a mandolin slicer or with a potato peeler so they are really thin, then spray with a low cal cooking spray and microwave for 3 minutes, put on for another minute if your microwave needs it. Then season with salt and black pepper and enjoy!

        Nadine Hill 10th May 2016 3:36 pm Reply
    • I need to drink more water but the portion sizes are smaller and I have noticed such a difference – lost half a stone in a month – just need to keep it up now

      Kara Guppy 11th May 2016 10:29 am Reply
      • Wow- well done you!! Keep going!

        Nadine Hill 12th May 2016 2:35 pm Reply
    • What fantastic tips and you make it all seem so simple. Becoming a mother made me so more food aware and cook from scratch. We eat a rainbow all the time too

      Jen Walshaw (@Mum_TheMadHouse) 11th May 2016 12:27 pm Reply
      • Thanks Jen, I think it seems so simple now to me but for years I struggled with all this – cooking, being organised enough to have the fresh foods I needed in etc. It just shows if I can do it, really – anyone can! You don’t know how uneducated I was about food before!!

        Nadine Hill 12th May 2016 2:37 pm Reply
    • had a rough couple of years since my mom pass away to cancer cant seem to look after my self

      karen ryan 11th May 2016 6:46 pm Reply
      • Hi Karen, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. That is tough, and I hope that you find a way to be kind to yourself. Think baby steps, and good luck.

        Nadine Hill 12th May 2016 2:34 pm Reply
    • Really good tips ,liked the one about freezing veg ,something we are all guilty of doing is throwing food away.

      Barbara Goudie 11th May 2016 8:44 pm Reply
      • Thank you Barbara for commenting, and yes we all are guilty of throwing food away from time to time. I hope the frozen veg tip helps stop the wastage!

        Nadine Hill 12th May 2016 2:33 pm Reply
    • You keep touching your hair when preparing food, not good. If the pepper was hot why didn’t you put it down. You could have put it in a small bowl or mug.

      David Brent 11th May 2016 9:37 pm Reply
      • Thanks for your comments David however the purpose of this blog post is about making small changes to diet to improve overall health – I only put the recipe video in as an extra something for the readers. Clearly it wasn’t to your taste!

        Nadine Hill 12th May 2016 2:32 pm Reply
    • Some very useful tips that many can do. I love the pic of you in your kitchen, and thanks for the stuffed peppers recipe! I agree that water is the best drink and drink loads every day, it’s great for our skin too. Off to take the quiz now!

      Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas 12th May 2016 2:21 pm Reply
      • That stuffed peppers recipe is divine!! Enjoy!

        Nadine Hill 12th May 2016 2:29 pm Reply
    • Your stuffed pepper recipe looks yummy,easy to prepare and healthy,on my shopping list for tonight

      Margaret G 13th May 2016 11:46 am Reply
      • How lovely! I’m glad it was useful Margaret – enjoy!

        Nadine Hill 13th May 2016 1:54 pm Reply
    • Becoming a mum also made me start to cook proper food from scratch rather than using jars and packets. Now I love trying loads of new recipes.
      To help with my portion control, I do the same as you and fill most of the plate first with veg before adding the meat and potatoes. I bought a smaller plate so I can’t eat as much but it tricks my mind into thinking I’m still having a bigger portion because it’s packed with veg!
      I have fruit after every meal and try to have vegetables with every meal as well 🙂
      Love the photo of you in your kitchen, btw! xx

      Shell Louise 14th May 2016 3:26 pm Reply
      • Sounds like you are doing all of the suggestions Shell! Thank you for your comment and compliment about my fun kitchen photo! x

        Nadine Hill 15th May 2016 8:01 am Reply
    • Great tips. I would like to learn how to cook properly. I don’t enjoy it and so I end up making the same meals over and over. We eat reasonably ok but definitely need more fruit and veg. x

      Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours 16th May 2016 11:30 pm Reply
      • I too have my ‘safe’ meals that are easy to make and I know they do down well which I use for busy days!

        Nadine Hill 17th May 2016 12:33 pm Reply
    • I have always held the same opinion; that you can’t lose long term weight gain with a short term fix. So many people are disappointed when they don’t lose a lot of weight quickly that it stops them trying. I think you need to prepare yourself for small changes over a longer period if you want to sustain it, exactly how the weight arrived in the first place!

      Lucy Dorrington 18th May 2016 10:07 am Reply
      • Absolutely Lucy – a short term fix will get you into that dress perhaps but it won’t keep it off and this is the hardest bit for many. Thanks for commenting.

        Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:08 am Reply
    • We’ve started using frozen vegetables for the first time, it makes it so easy to keep them in all the time and super easy to cook!

      Globalmouse 18th May 2016 11:07 am Reply
      • Absolutely. Frozen veg has been my lifesaver!

        Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:10 am Reply
    • Great tips Nadine. I will definitely be use the One You apps, its a great campaign. I’ve saved your recipe to my favorites too, I’ll be trying that! Looks yummy x

      mama syder 19th May 2016 4:13 pm Reply
      • Glad you liked the recipe, it really is tasty and the #OneYou apps are so helpful for making life changes

        Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:14 am Reply
    • Hi I have tried to download the apps but I have a windows phone and they do not work on them otherwise they would be a fab idea and really useful but unfortunately not on windows phone

      Alison Cetinkaya 21st May 2016 10:20 am Reply
    • I am getting closer to 40 and thinks its time to eat healthier too! I have a sweet tooth and find it really hard to resist the wrong foods x

      Karen Langridge 24th May 2016 1:29 pm Reply
      • I think we tend to want to take care of ourselves better as we get older. Thanks for commenting.

        Nadine Hill 25th May 2016 12:31 pm Reply
    • Freezer, water, rainbow… these are all habits I have been adopting. Such great tips Nadine. I am making such an effort to eat my 5 a day now that I’ve been reminded to by #OneYou. I don’t know how I have not commented on this post already as I have read this post a few times now. Hubby is enjoying eating the rainbow too so this is a great campaign for us as we are both a bit bigger around the middle with our, dare I say it, middle aged spread. But the freezer is my friend too as I all too often throw away stuff from the crisper drawers. Liska xx #OneYou

      liska 22nd June 2016 11:46 am Reply
      • Thanks Liska – so good to hear from you and I’m glad the post spoke to you!

        Nadine Hill 22nd June 2016 5:13 pm Reply

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