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Packing for Oman Climates

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Oman is becoming a hotspot for backpackers or those who want to experience the best of the Middle East on holiday. But with such a diverse land, your trip may encounter lush beaches, desert dunes, and world famous religious sites. So how can you pack for everything?

We have everything here you could need to be prepared for the Oman climates.

Always Bring Layers
Oman is mostly a desert country, but the winter nights can have temperatures that dig into freezing. Layers here will be your friend. Whenever you’re traveling during winter focus on natural fabrics that will help retain your body heat. Thermals and the similar are great for sleeping comfortably through the night.

Layers are also helpful through the summer as you can protect yourself from the sun without being uncomfortable.

When planning on which layers to bring, you should always prioritize lighter fabrics. Start with undershirts as they may help you feel cooler throughout hot days.

Hiking Gear
Some people might feel that they don’t need hiking gear. But, if you’re going to Oman, you need some hiking gear. Not only for utility, but also for comfort.

Without a doubt, you will need hiking pants, or in other words, thick canvas pants that have multiple pockets. These pants don’t necessarily breathe well but are great when you are out in the desert areas of Oman. You also need hiking shoes. There are some issues with choosing appropriate hiking shoes.

Don’t argue about whether you need hiking shoes; sneakers will not cut it outside the city in Oman. Protect your feet and break your boots in before starting your vacation. Travel throughout Oman is usually over rough terrain, and the most beautiful parts of the country can be hard to get to.

Modest Attire Is Fitting for the Climate
Throughout most of the western world, people associate heat with shorts and tank tops. But, in desert climates, you’re better guarded against the weather in covering, white, light-weight clothes. You’ll notice immediately that protecting your skin from the sun is the best way to stay cool.

Modest attire in this Muslim country means covering your shoulders and your knees at all time. The exception is if you are staying at Western style hotels and using the pool there. If you’re swimming on a beach, or in a public place use knee-covering leggings and a t-shirt to cover up a bit.

You’ll also want to pack a scarf. Many people recommend wrapping a scarf for Mosque visits. But, the Oman climate often calls for every form of protection from the sun possible. A scarf is an excellent alternative to wearing a hat that might make you hot and sweaty.

Travel During Summer Monsoon
That’s right, this country that has a giant coastline gets a lot of rain through monsoon season. There are a. few ways to choose clothing that will both keep sweat off your body, and dry quickly in the event of rain.

Your best bet is cotton. It’s not surprising that this miracle fabric is all over Oman. It breaths well, keep moisture away from your body and dries quickly. But, if you’re going to be out hiking, cotton might not hold up against the natural elements so well.

If cotton isn’t going to work with your travel plans, switch to performance fabrics. If you’re planning on spending 2 weeks or more discovering the natural beauty of Oman, try polyester and Nylon blends. Most athletic gear falls into these categories.

Whenever you’re traveling, you might have some concerns about the weather. Although Oman has very wet and very dry seasons, both are reasonable for travelers. Enjoy your vacation or holiday and discover Oman.

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