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Perfect European Islands For Family Holidays

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Looking for a bit of sunshine for you and your family this summer? Or maybe you are already planning next year’s trip? Either way, the options in Europe alone are endless, with flight times much lower if you stay within the continent. This means less chance of total meltdowns from the kids… or mum and dad. It also means a much less dangerous journey for the bank account. A European holiday is the way to go. Here are my top tips on glorious European islands where both the kids and the parents can have a holiday of a lifetime without spending much more money than they can really afford.

Beach Sea Sunset Evening Sky Sunset

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Jersey, in the Channel Islands is the ideal island holiday for the entire family. For one, it is extremely close to the UK, allowing for a quick and painless getaway with minimal travel time, and optimal vacation time. With museums, shopping, and beaches galore, Jersey is often overlooked by British holidaymakers as being too close to home but don’t miss out on all the things this wonderful isle has to offer. Plus you can try some real, freshly dug Jersey potatoes with lashings of jersey butter – heaven!


Everyone loves a good Italian vacation- especially when its one on the beautiful Italian isle of Sicily. The kids will love the stunning array of adventure parks and activities while the parents will enjoy the low cost of living. Rather than spending time in a claustrophobic hotel room getting on each other’s nerves, a nice idea is to choose one of the many villas in Sicily with a private pool. This gives the whole family more space, privacy, and of course- more opportunity for the kids to splash in the pool! With so many local dishes to choose from even the fussiest little eaters will find something delicious on the menu, and if not- there’s always freshly made gelato!


This little Greek island is a true gem that the whole family will appreciate. It is one of the greenest of all Greek islands, something that adds to the beauty of the island. While the Corfu could be described as a rather sleepy place, tourism still has a big place in its economy. Families are often drawn to the big celebration fairs and festivals that offer plenty of music and shops. This is ideal for a laid-back family planning to truly enjoy being on an island, away from the stress of home.


This is large island, and a huge holiday destination. This means that there are plenty of things to do- ideal for families who like to stay active. For the parents, there is a wide variety of wineries, for the kids the coastline is usually warm and welcoming, with resorts lining the whole of it. There is no shortage of activities for any family whether you’re exploring caves, taking in some of the incredible marine life or simply soaking up the sun on the poolside!


This is ideal for the laid-back family looking to truly relax. Kids will enjoy the beaches and the little villages to explore. There are plenty of family friendly dining options and it is a friendly and hospitable little island, with plenty of space to welcome visitors. Famous for its donkeys the kids can explore the island on one of the donkey treks, while mum and dad might enjoy the annual jazz festival with a glass of local wine.

Families can make amazing memories on holidays together, but some space and relaxation is essential to prevent bickering becoming full on arguing. Choosing the right destination for every member of the family is essential, but most of all it is just important to enjoy every moment spent together.

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  • I have yet to go to a few of those! They all sound appealing for different reasons. That sunset picture is just beautiful too! 🙂

    Emma Raphael 13th May 2017 12:08 pm Reply
  • Don’t forget Malta too! Lots of cheap flights there and lovely weather if you avoid the peak summer season.

    Sam 14th May 2017 11:13 am Reply
  • And you must add Sardinia to your list! That was where my honey was!

    susanna 14th May 2017 5:47 pm Reply
  • We have only been to Jersey from those in the list. Corfu is one place I would love to visit – it is the most diverse and fascinating of all Greek islands.

    The Globe Trotter 1st June 2017 8:30 am Reply

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