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Being Positive and Intentional

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Being positive & intentional

Being positive and intentional is a way of life and one that has served me well. Each day I set positive intentions, things I want to do or feel and then my mind is geared toward achieving that intention. I may not always get everything done or get the results I was expecting but I find that I get nearer than I would have had I not been as considered in my approach.

Did you set any positive intentions at the start of this year? How are they going? The month isn’t done yet so you can still get back on track if you think you have veered off course. You simply decide to. That’s such a small sentence with such a big impact! Decide to.

If you want to be the happiest person you know, decide to be.
If you want to shift some weight, decide to.
If you want to make more money, decide to. Then you will find a way.

she believed she could so she did

If you set an intention and commit to it, you will live like you mean it. That’s another saying I love – live like you mean it. If you are going to be half hearted, what is the point? What’s the point of anything unless you do it with gusto?

Now maybe by now you are thinking, what does she know? It’s easy for her to say these things, she isn’t in my shoes. No I’m not, but I’m in my own, and in these shoes I have survived several bouts of depression (I haven’t taken an anti-depressant in 8 years now, but I have had a few different pills in my time!) I’ve shed 4 stone in weight, then put two and a half back on and am once again on my mission to rid myself of this excess that I simply don’t need anymore, and I have struggled with some disordered eating.

My whole adult life has been plagued by a food addiction that I’ve been so good at covering up. I’m generally a happy person right? It’s amazing what you can hide with a smile. All those depressed years – not many people outside my immediate circle knew! Pop a smile on and a breezy demeanour and people think you have it all sussed when you are crying inside and going home to comfort eat to fill the hole that is inside you and never seems to fill – no matter how much you eat.

So I don’t know your specific struggles but I have had few of my own, and I still say, decide to.

Start where you are right now. That’s the only place you can be, and start with gratitude. That’s how I did it. I started with gratitude.

Some days I couldn’t find anything to be grateful for – nothing was popping out as particularly fantastic, but I had a roof over my head. So that’s what I acknowledged. That helped me to see that to was sunny outside – big bonus! I may have hated my job, been in debt and not felt a deep connection with any of my friends at that time but I had my husband, my rock, my best friend. I could live in a cardboard box as long as it was with him.

Being positive and intentional is a daily habit now but habits have to be learned, so until it becomes natural, set yourself a reminder if you have to! I have all sorts popping up in my phone when I am trying to embed a new habit.

However I do have a disclaimer to make, positivity won’t always protect you. I learned this last year when my cousin died. I thought that I was pretty resilient and then I broke into pieces. The lights were on but nobody was home. I had thought that being positive and choosing to see the silver lining in any circumstance would get me through anything. Until it didn’t.

But once I could start to function again I reminded myself to go back to gratitude. This is where everything starts. I looked for the sunny day. I was thankful for the roof over my head. Bit by bit I clawed my way back. The last year has been a process. I think about my cousin all the time and last week in aerobics class I started to well up with tears, completely out of the blue. But I am finding it easier with time.

I’m sharing all this to help empower you. I’m a big believer that you can choose your attitude.  So what are your positive intentions for this year? Let me know in the comments!

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Comments to Being Positive and Intentional

  • You are a really positive person Nadine. I do really try to be positive but sometimes stress takes over – we definitely all need an internal reminder! x

    Louise 30th January 2016 10:09 am Reply
    • We certainly do! Thanks for the comment Louise x

      Nadine Hill 30th January 2016 2:00 pm Reply
  • I keep meaning to get super organized this year so blog posts are written days in advance and not the night before. I just seem to be always chasing my tail. Everything I do gets interrupted by other people who think I just sit at home all day doing nothing! My aim is to go to bed before midnight each night now but it means I wake up to stream of messages on my phone.The daily grind gets me down but I think I’ve had some breakthroughs recently. I admire you for being so open and honest on your blog. Thank goodness for blog commenting as anything I put on mine gets analysed and questioned by the people I know!

    Ness 31st January 2016 8:45 am Reply
    • Hi Ness, It sounds like you need to set a few boundaries to protect yourself. I couldn’t imagine functioning properly during the day if I only got to bed at midnight the night before, but I recognise that everyone is different and not everyone needs as much sleep as I prefer!
      Your breakthroughs sound positive, I hope they help you? Try not to worry too much about what the people you know think about your blog posts – a saying I love addresses this issue… “What other people think of us is none of our business!” Thanks for commenting.

      Nadine Hill 1st February 2016 4:22 pm Reply
  • I want to get organised – both at home and with blogging and I also want to lose weight and get fit. Not much 😉

    Cass@frugalfamily 31st January 2016 7:52 pm Reply
    • You’ll do it Cass. Just take one step at a time and you’ll get there 🙂

      Nadine Hill 1st February 2016 4:15 pm Reply
  • Great post and my thoughts exactly. Setting intentions and being positive really can make a difference even turning around a day completely but you have to be mindful to put it in place. Thanks for sharing

    Kizzy 1st February 2016 6:23 am Reply
    • Mindfulness is so important. Thanks for commenting.

      Nadine Hill 1st February 2016 4:13 pm Reply
  • I have started setting myself daily targets and writing them in my diary and so far, so good – its working

    Kara 1st February 2016 10:16 am Reply
    • I’m glad to hear that Kara. It keeps us focused doesn’t it?

      Nadine Hill 1st February 2016 4:13 pm Reply
  • Intentional is my word for this year. I do try to live my life with positivity. I think that it leaves much less room in your life for the negativity

    Jen Walshaw (@Mum_TheMadHouse) 1st February 2016 1:03 pm Reply
    • Absolutely! The light always cancels out the dark.

      Nadine Hill 1st February 2016 4:11 pm Reply
  • It’s amazing how much can be achieved feeling positive your right about that, sorry to hear about your cousin, I am sure there are times when it is very difficult to bounce back sadly 🙁 x

    Karen Langridge 3rd February 2016 9:34 pm Reply
    • There’s a well known saying ‘your thoughts create your future’ and I couldn’t agree more. It’s tough sometimes but so important to try to be positive. x

      Nadine Hill 6th February 2016 3:05 pm Reply
  • Love this post Nadine, I could have written it myself and yes my battle with overeating is well documented too. Mich x

    Michelle Twin Mum 3rd February 2016 10:19 pm Reply
    • Thanks Michelle, it certainly is a struggle that a lot of us face. I am still struggling but overall I feel I’m winning – one day at a time. x

      Nadine Hill 6th February 2016 3:02 pm Reply
  • I do think that being positive and intentional is sometimes easier said than done, especially when life throws you a totally unexpected (and unwelcome) curveball. I’ve struggled recently due to anxiety and have only been able to focus on much smaller things that I’m grateful for, like the love of my family. Perhaps it’s necessary to adjust what you’re aiming for through those harder times.

    I’m sorry to hear about your cousin and I hope you and your family are OK.

    Laura 5th February 2016 7:13 am Reply
    • Thanks Laura. We are all fine and I totally agree with your thought about adjusting what you are aiming for during harder times. Wise words. I hope that your anxiety eases for you as you continue to practise gratitude. x

      Nadine Hill 6th February 2016 3:04 pm Reply
  • I definitely think it’s possible to be intentional, I have started this year being determined to be positive and so far so good!! I hope it continues!

    Globalmouse 7th February 2016 2:43 pm Reply
    • I’m glad to hear that the year has started off well for you – long may that continue!

      Nadine Hill 9th February 2016 9:16 am Reply
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