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Property in the North

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Cheshire rural rainbow country

The TV news has been reporting a lot lately about investment in different areas of the country, and the government aims to boost the local economies in Northern towns and cities through its Northern Powerhouse initiative, and it’s about time! Investment in the North falls behind investment made in infrastructure for London and the South East, and we have such inspiring cities in the North and vibrant communities.

I live in Yorkshire but I regularly travel to other areas of the UK, and Cheshire is a favourite place to visit. In the run up to Christmas 2018 I spent a day Christmas Shopping at the fabulous Cheshire Oaks shopping outlet so I could get a lot of my gifts in one go and we probably visit there at least once a year – often more.

We’ve also taken our kids to Chester Zoo, Go Ape and Gulliver’s World – a local theme park, so there’s loads to do in the region. The property market in Cheshire is strong and there are new homes in the north west being built all the time to cater for the rising demand.

Cheshire has a bit of a reputation for being somewhere that overpaid footballers live and with the TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’ being the first UK location in the popular American TV franchise, viewers could be mislead into thinking that everyone in Cheshire is a flashy, spa hopping, Prosecco drinking glamourpuss, but this isn’t the case!

Cheshire rural rainbow country

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There are indeed million pound homes in Cheshire but there are also properties for sale at around £120,000. Detached homes are the most desirable in the county closely followed by bungalows and town houses came third, however you can still find flats, terraced houses and semi-detached homes there too!

Here’s an info graphic to share some interesting information about the Cheshire property market.


Whilst I love living in Yorkshire and wouldn’t want to move to Cheshire, I do enjoy visiting there frequently and it really is a very pretty county with a lot to offer.

Have you ever visited Cheshire? What did you think? Tell me about it in the comments!

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