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Relax at a spa

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Are there #BetterPlaces to relax than a spa

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Every year or so, I take myself off to a spa for a whole day of relaxing, pampering and some time to think. I’ve come to view these annual visits as essential to my overall sanity and the value I get out of them is immense. Not just on the day itself but in all the planning and anticipation too.

I’ve visited many spas in Yorkshire and further afield, from family run outfits to larger dedicated places and spas within luxury hotels. What they all have in common is a dedication to ensuring that their guests have the most relaxing time possible!

Champneys spa day

Upon arrival, I usually have a quick refreshment – often herbal tea or iced water then head to the pool for a relaxing swim. If the place has a gym I will often visit there first but of not then it’s a pool day with something to read. There are always other people to chat to but each spa keeps the numbers low so that an air of calm and serenity is maintained throughout the day.

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I find that a spa day often gives me the mental time I need to process my thoughts if I have a big decision to make or if life has become incredibly busy. We spend much of our lives in doing mode, we also need to carve out time to ‘be’ and a spa day is a great way to do this.

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Where do you go to bring the calm into your life? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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