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Resources for Writers

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Resources for Writers

I wanted to put together some resources for writers.  Just lately I’ve found myself giving out lots of advice to aspiring writers, both people who I know and contacts that have found me online and learned that I’ve written a couple of books.  It’s always nice to know someone who has ‘been there done that’ when you are pursuing a new avenue,  so I thought that this post would help out anyone who has a desire to write!

Resources for Writers

Someone I met at a book launch at the start of the year  was Cesca Major, a writer with a wonderful secret… She’s actually two people! Cesca also writes as Rosie Blake and has had novels published under both names! I love people who have something interesting about them. Did you know that one of my friends (also a writer) can dismantle and clean a rifle before re-assembling it?! I love that! Another of my writer friends is a Professor from Cambridge University and is very intellectual but we actually met on a TV game show 15 years ago, spinning the Wheel of Fortune! I just love interesting people and Cesca is certainly one of those… very helpful and an absolute delight in person too!

Check out this video below in which Cesca shares a great tip on how to develop a plotline in your novel…

As you can see, her style is very accessible and down to earth and she packages up her information well into a format that we can all grasp without too much difficulty. Cesca has done a whole series of ‘how to’ tips for writers which you can see at the Writers & Artists website.

I Don't Have Time To Write in paperback

This is a copy of my book – I Don’t Have Time To Write. It is a non-fiction book aimed at helping time pressed people to find the time to get their writing done! A time management guide, the book helps anyone with a need to write to find the time to actually do it. This could be writers and novelists but also bloggers, business people and entrepreneurs. If the part of writing that you need help with is the part where you have to actually sit down and do it, then my book should help.

If you are someone who needs the pressure of a deadline to get to work, then the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a resource that you could use! Occuring annually every November, the month is a spur for writers who want to feel like there are others in their situation too – getting a book written in just one intense month! It could provide the cameraderie and virtual support that you need to help you complete your book.

November may be the novelists’ month but April is for stage and screen. In a similar vein to NaNoWriMo above, Script Frenzy is for screenwriters. Check out their Twitter feed here.

Several years ago I participated in a Google Hangout organised by BritMums about the subject of overcoming writer’s block. You can watch that video below:

I hope that now you have some practical resources to go with all those creative juices that are flowing in your head, you can turn your book into a reality. Don’t forget to let me know what you achieve and share any additional resources you know about for fellow writers in the comments below.

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Comments to Resources for Writers

  • Such a helpful post, thank you

    Gemma 27th August 2015 9:31 am Reply
    • Glad you found it useful

      Nadine Hill 27th August 2015 9:44 am Reply
  • This is a great, informative post. The links are really useful and I will be using some of the links you gave. Thank you.

    Helen Dickinson 27th August 2015 10:14 am Reply
    • You’re very welcome!

      Nadine Hill 27th August 2015 7:55 pm Reply
  • Thank you so much for this, what some useful information. x

    Sarah Bailey 27th August 2015 7:01 pm Reply
  • Thanks so much for the information – I’ll definitely be looking at some of the links you’ve shared x x

    cass 27th August 2015 8:11 pm Reply
    • You’re welcome x

      Nadine Hill 28th August 2015 10:06 am Reply
  • Wow some great tips here – will definitely be checking back here when I have some more free time (nearly finished teacher training!). Will tell my hubbie about the screen writing month as that might just give him the motivation to write the script he has been thinking about for yonks! x

    Louise Edwards 27th August 2015 9:08 pm Reply
    • I hope it spurs him on! It’s good to have a little inspiration in your life! x

      Nadine Hill 28th August 2015 10:06 am Reply
  • Oh wow this is really insightful and helpful, thank you x

    Rachel 28th August 2015 4:23 pm Reply
  • I think I might just join in with NaNoWriMo this November, I’ve always been a bit scared but I can’t think of a better way to try out writing something longer. Mich x

    Michelle Twin Mum 28th August 2015 11:35 pm Reply
    • Good luck with it. I hope you do it! x

      Nadine Hill 30th August 2015 5:14 pm Reply
  • What fab resources. I have pinned this to come back to it every time I need it. Cheers

    Jen 31st August 2015 4:49 pm Reply
  • Some awesome tips, I’m about 10k words off my first YA novel. A great book I found was the coffee break screenwriter. I know it’s aimed at screenwriters but it helped me find time to cram in 10 minutes here and there for writing.

    Laura 31st August 2015 9:43 pm Reply
    • Well done you! That’s a great achievement.

      Nadine Hill 1st September 2015 6:26 pm Reply
  • Nadine this is brilliant, must have a look at the book too. I love my blog and writing but I also work full-time so I never has as much time as I’d like. It would be lovely to do more of the things I love and less of the things I don’t!

    Charly Dove 31st August 2015 9:56 pm Reply
    • Totes agree! It’s finding that balance isn’t it?

      Nadine Hill 1st September 2015 6:26 pm Reply
  • Time management is definitely a constant issue for me. Lots of good stuff here.

    Adele 4th September 2015 9:59 pm Reply
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