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Savvy Supermarket Shopping

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Do you often sit and wonder where all the money went? You’ve barely got it, and then you’ve somehow managed to spend it all. You’re not alone; keeping hold of cash seems to be a mysterious skill that not many people have.

You might look around and not have much to show for your money either. And that is the frustrating thing. Very often, this leads us to get into debt over simple everyday things.

Planning and budgeting can go a long way and making sure that you shop smart will mean you will be more likely to get some change from your supermarket trips.

supermarket shopping trolley groceries

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Make a Meal Plan
Planning your meals will mean that not only will you get more of a varied diet, you will also have a clear idea of what you need to buy.

A meal plan also takes away having to decide on the day, which might involve going through the cupboards and fridges to see what you have.

Plan your meals around your schedule, so if you know you’ve got lots on during a particular day, you can make sure and allocate less time-consuming meals to make.

You can easily buy stationery for making meal planners which can be displayed in your kitchen to keep you and your family organized.

Make a Shopping List
Using the meal plan will allow you to make a comprehensive shopping list which will only include things that you actually have plans to make. This will mean that you will be less inclined to make impulse purchases.

Supermarkets know how people shop, they fill their island ends with great offers that you didn’t come in for, that translate to increased sales and bigger profits for them. How often have you picked up a bargain on a whim, only for it to sit, uneaten for a long time, and possibly end up getting thrown out?

Using Offers
Use offers in a savvy way. Only look for offers on products that you have on your shopping list. Check for Iceland discount codes before you hit the shops and take advantage of online incentives.

Do You Need Big Brands?
Often, we pick up the big branded products that we know well and ignore so many of the other options on the shelves. There are usually smaller brands that might be newer and better quality that might be worth trying. Supermarkets tend to have introductory offers on many of these lines, so take them up on these offers and try something new.

Very often, supermarket own brand products are actually made in the same factories and are very similar to the big name brands that you know so well. They are quite often much cheaper too.

Don’t Shop On An Empty Stomach
Shopping when you are hungry can be a nightmare. Everything looks appealing, and you might well start picking up things that you don’t need, to eat straight away. Often, these convenience items can be pricey and will really start to add up when you get to the checkout.

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