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Seeing The Best In Your Job Applicants

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Everyone knows that the job application process has something quite odd about it, it is an unnatural environment and we want to be on our best behaviour. We know the layout of a CV, the introductory paragraph used by candidates, and the demeanour with which they represent themselves are heavily edited, thought about in advance, and perhaps guided by blogs like ours. In other words, it’s not always authentic.

On top of that, nerves in the interview room or perhaps even someone trying a little too hard can obfuscate the fact that said person could perform a fantastic job if only they were hired at our firm. Seeing the best in your job applicants is an essential process to finding the best talent, and it takes someone with at least a slight skill for finding this to get the best results.


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Which would you rather know? That someone has a lifelong passion for working in your business mailroom, or that they have a certain amount of practical skills and would be happy working hard to get to a better position? The latter statement is more authentic. With this ethos in mind, consider our advice:

Make Them Comfortable
The nervous nature of most interviews can often leave you seeing only a caricature of a person. An applicant might have all the right qualifications, but might be under extreme anxiety when talking to you due to struggling with this condition. It might just be that they are coming out of a long period of unemployment, or maybe they are a housewife or stay-at-home Dad for some years, now applying to get back into the workforce.

As such, they’ll be just a little rusty, which could be understandable. Making them comfortable to this end could be seen as a worthwhile and kind practice on your part. Speak to them a little before the interview begins. Give them a comfortable seat. Only interview them alone, or with one other colleague if needs must. Give them a tea or caffeine to help them wake up a little, or offer them water to refresh them. Make sure the room is well ventilated. It’s subtle differences like this that can make all the difference in the end.

Find The Right People To Interview
When you find the right people for the job, you can sometimes be surprised as to how easily the interview develops. You might be thinking that the most qualified person for the job is ‘the best person,’ and there’s accuracy to that. However, other skills that might be transferable from other industries or past experiences could also give them a unique edge, and could potentially widen your search field and refine it at the same time. Talent analytics are a fantastic tool for this kind of enquiry. We heavily recommend you adopt them into your searching techniques.

Give Them A Test
A trial shift, a test case study, a questionnaire, something appropriate and worthwhile such as this can help you avoid solely asking them questions and reading their resume. In the first Men In Black movie, all the agent applications are seated in pod chairs and are given a piece of paper to write their answer to a question. Only Will Smith’s character thinks of dragging the loud table across the room to use the table comfortably for his answer. It’s little moments of brilliance like this that could help you find your best potential candidate.

With these tips, we hope you can see the best in your job applicants.

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