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Shapewear buying tips

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Up until a few years ago, the only style of shapewear you saw in the shops were ancient looking corsets and girdles. Most of these garments were ugly, and to say they were uncomfortable was an understatement. Often, they were made from hard, sharp stays that dug into you and always showed through your clothes. Understandably, they were on very few women’s wish lists. But sometimes you had little choice but to wear something like this to smooth out the bulges, so you could wear your dream dress.


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Fortunately, that has all changed. As you can see here, when it comes to shapewear, there has been something of a revolution.

Modern control underwear is soft, comfortable and, best of all, quite sexy. So, if you have been ignoring the shapewear section, maybe now is the time to change your mind. Next time you go shopping, pause and take a look at what is available and treat yourself to something nice. You will be stunned by how much better you look in your favourite dress when you wear the right type of shape wear.

Identify your problem areas
The first step to buying the right style of shapewear is to take a long hard look in the mirror. Put on an outfit that is made from soft fabric. Ideally, something which fits you fairly closely yet does not cut into you. Oddly enough, your pajamas are likely to be a good option for this particular task. Now look at yourself from all angles and make a mental note of any problem areas.

This will help you to choose the right type of shapewear for you. For example, if you still have good muscle tone around the hips, buttocks, and thighs you will not need to wear something that is designed to provide support to those areas. Instead, you can just buy a waist nipper.

Think about how you will be wearing your shapewear
You also need to consider how and when you will be wearing your shapewear. If you are planning to use it mainly for parties and you are someone who likes to wear plunging necklines you will need to choose underwear that will not show in this style of clothing.

Read the care label
Most support undergarments are made from Elastin style fabrics. This means that you have to be careful how you wash them. Some, but not all, items will need to be hand washed. This is not a problem if you are prepared to do that, but if you are more likely to just put them in the washing machine it makes sense only to buy shapewear that can be washed in this way.

Getting the fit right
When buying shaping underwear it is really important to get the size right. Always avoid the temptation to buy items that are one size smaller than you need. These will not provide you with more support. Shapewear that is too small just creates new bulges, which look really unnatural and ugly. If you want to learn more about buying the right size and type, take a look at this YT video. It is fairly long but well worth watching to the end.

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