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Simple Tips & Tricks for a Family Road Trip

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Sure, the idea of you being stuck in a car with your energetic kids for hours on end may seem nerve-racking. This is completely understandable but you don’t have to get stressed about the whole thing. After all, there are a few things that you can try and do to relieve some of the anxiety that you are facing.

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Make Busy Bags and an Activity Tray
It is super easy for you to pack drawing supplies and even paper for when you are due to go on your road trip. You can pack puzzles and you can also pack some games as well. It’s so important that you don’t pack too much during this time because if you do then there is a high chance that it will go all over the car and this is the last thing that you need when you have so much to think about already. Of course, if you want to make the whole trip much easier then try and pack some pencil cases or even some zip-lock bags to trap any stray crayons.

Talk it Out with the Kids
There is no need to plan activities if you are able to maintain a conversation. Try and talk about what your kids have on their minds, or even ask them about their favourite things. You can also try and chat with them about hypothetical situations as well. If you have already visited somewhere or if you have really enjoyed a sight then don’t be afraid to try and engage your children by talking about it. You may even want to try and get them to draw some of the sights that you have seen as well as this is a fantastic way for you to keep them occupied.

Plan Ahead of Time
You can find all sorts of information online before you go out for your trip. This will make it much easier for you to scope out some of the best rest stops or so that you can even look out for some fast food restaurants as well. You can fill up gas along the way and this can really help to keep your kids at ease. If you are driving with your partner over a long distance then try and take turns in driving or even try and assign a role. This way you can keep the whole family involved and you can also really get everyone motivated for the trip ahead.

Expect the Unexpected
You also have to be prepared for sickness by packing a couple of saltine crackers. Ziploc bags are ideal and nothing is worse than having a sick kid in the back of the car. You also have to prepare for having an accident if the roads are bad or even if they are slippery to drive on as well. If this is the case then look up how to make a road accident claim. This is one of the best ways for you to prepare for a dangerous trip.

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