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Sleep Tips for Teenagers

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JuggleMum Featured Post ImageIt can be hard for some people to get adequate sleep and this can especially be the case for teenagers. The worries of school, friends, family and approaching adulthood can create a lot of stress for young people, and the contact distractions they face can also lead to long periods staring at the ceiling at night. If you have a teenager who just can’t or won’t get to sleep, then here are some tips for ensuring a good rest every night.


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The right number of hours
The first and most obvious step is to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. This can vary from person to person, but the average teen will need about nine hours. This can be tough to accomplish, as most kids will want to stay up late but then have to get up early in the morning. This can be a lot to ask, but it will have many positive benefits the next day. Catching up on sleep doesn’t work, as consistent rest is the key. Keeping this sleep pattern within an hour every day will have the best effect, so going to bed and awaking at the same time everyday, even on weekends is necessary.

Never underestimate the power of a nap. While it could be seen as lazy or a waste of time, having 20 minutes’ rest in the afternoon can be a huge boost. Not only will ensure we are reinvigorated for the rest of the day, it can also help alleviate things if we didn’t get much sleep the previous night. There’s no point in being tired for a whole day if can be remedied with a short sleep, so a nap can be a great way for teenagers to keep going until their regular rest time.

What we eat and drink will affect our body greatly and it also impacts how well we sleep. Caffeine will keep people awake at night even after a few hours of consumption, so any beverage that contains it should only be had before the evening and obviously don’t have too much. What we eat is also has bearing on our sleep. Going to bed hungry will assure that you don’t get a wink, so a small snack, such as cereal, some fruit or a biscuit before bed will prevent this. Make sure your teen doesn’t have a heavy meal within two hours of going to bed as this can also negatively affect their rest.

Sleeping space
Where we sleep makes all the difference. It’s much easier to rest depending on our environment, so you should take some steps your teen’s space in check. A tidy room is everything, as it reassures that it’s easier to relax, things won’t fall over or be spread across the bed, etc. A quality mattress must be considered and old ones soon replaced, while a strong white metal bed from Bedstar will prevent any creaking or discomfort. The right temperature should be set and any distracting light sources should be covered or switched off.

Exercise can be the most active thing we do and yet it can help us sleep. It will use our energy so that when we go to bed, we’ll be tired and more willing for a good rest. This will prevent your teen from staying awake or waking up through the night and they will get all the benefits of exercise too. Thirty minutes day, at least four times a week can be all we need for a healthy body and a restful sleep, just don’t exercise too close to bedtime.

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Comments to Sleep Tips for Teenagers

  • I am actually lucky that both of the boys at the moment are going to bed at a decent hour. Although Mini was still awake at 11pm last night!

    Jen Walshaw 14th July 2017 11:45 am Reply
  • We still manage quite early bedtimes, but I think it will have to move soon. I really need to get a grip on room tidying – it’s such a struggle with my son.

    Erica Price 14th July 2017 1:18 pm Reply
    • Both mine are pushing the boundaries on betimes! But I’m trying to keep them in a schedule!

      Nadine Hill 17th July 2017 11:55 am Reply
  • I am not at the teenage stage yet but I sometimes go for a nap in the afternoon myself. It really does help recharge my batteries. Great advice x

    angela hamilton 14th July 2017 2:41 pm Reply
    • I have been partial to the odd ‘nanna nap’ myself!

      Nadine Hill 17th July 2017 11:55 am Reply

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