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Snow White with Scotty T: A modern panto in Leeds this Christmas

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Scotty T and Lucy Dures as Snow White

The Christmas panto has always been a highlight of our family activities in December and for several years, we have taken our children to a Christmas Eve panto as that day is also my daughter’s birthday.

This year we’ve started to think about panto early because on Wednesday this week I was invited to a special press event for a new panto taking place in Leeds this December and January. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is coming to the White Rose Theatre located on the grounds of the former Tetley Brewery on Hunslet Road, and promises to incorporate the best of traditional panto with some familiar celebrities; original choreography and an original musical track called ‘Wishing Well’, which was written exclusively for this show.


Dancers from the production

I was invited along to a rather exciting promotional event which included a recall audition of 7 potential Snow White’s who would perform for the judges and the assembled guests, to secure her place as the lead character for the panto’s three and a half week run. Also at the event was the leading male role – Scotty T who you may know from TV’s Geordie Shore and he also won Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

Scott plays the prince in the production and also starring alongside is Louis Emerick who was a long standing cast member of Brookside and has also appeared in Benidorm – he plays the Royal Tax Collector. The Wicked Queen is played by Tupele Dorgu who was Coronation Street’s Kelly Crabtree.

Here are the judges and two of the Snow White auditionees…

After performing two songs and a scene from the play each, the judges deliberated and then Scotty T opened the golden envelope to announce who would play his Snow White! The winning leading lady was Lucy Dures from Barnsley. At just 17 years old she was the youngest auditionee and here she is with her Prince. Lucy was the audience’s favourite as well as the judge’s favourite on the night.

Scotty T and Lucy Dures as Snow White

Scotty T and Lucy Dures as Snow White

I took along my teenage daughter to the event, and she was excited to get a selfie with Scotty T! I earned bonus ‘mum’ points that day as she got about 50 likes on Facebook from her friends when she posted that image. Initially Scotty T thought I was badgering him for a selfie with me, but no. I wanted my daughter to get the shot, I settled for my own selfie which he noticed and gave me a thumbs up! I’d show you here but it was too blurred and besides – I’m not in the ripped jeans brigade so my fashion on the night may have let me down!


It was a fun evening and certainly started to get me in the Christmas spirit! Tickets for this exciting event can be purchased from this website: and you can keep up with the panto news and the theatre in general on Twitter and Facebook.

Tickets start from just £11.50 and the venue details are: The White Rose Theatre, on the grounds of the former Tetley Brewery, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1QJ. There is a large capacity car park at the venue and during the events, candy floss, ice cream and popcorn will be on sale.

I look forward to going to see the panto at the start of the run this year and bringing you a review of the event for my blog. I’ll be asking “Mirror, mirror on the wall, where can I see the biggest fairytale of all?’

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Comments to Snow White with Scotty T: A modern panto in Leeds this Christmas

  • What a fun way to organise it and a great event by the looks of it, I was inhaling your cocktail on instagram 😉 Lovely when you can do stuff the kids really get excited about too.

    Penny A Residence 14th October 2016 3:01 pm Reply
  • Sounds like it was fun watching the auditions. And I’m chuckling here about your joke at not being in the ripped jeans brigade!

    Carole at Healthier Mummy 14th October 2016 7:21 pm Reply
    • I think I’m ‘down with the kids’ then my teenager shoots me a withering look and tells me I’m not!

      Nadine Hill 18th October 2016 5:23 pm Reply
  • Oh wow how amazing to be able to watch the auditions! Bet the pantomime will be amazing

    Fozia S 14th October 2016 8:19 pm Reply
  • I haven’t been to a pantomime since I was a child. My daughter is in the school pantomime this year so she may need to see a real one before her own performance!

    Ness 16th October 2016 9:52 am Reply
  • I have no idea who Scotty is and I am going to tell you a secret now, I have never been to a pantomime either!

    Jen Walshaw 16th October 2016 6:02 pm Reply
    • Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes you did! There is a little taster for you Jen!

      Nadine Hill 18th October 2016 5:23 pm Reply
  • What a fun way for doing auditions (I have no idea who Scotty T is though) #old

    Kara 17th October 2016 8:50 pm Reply
    • Loving your hashtag Kara!

      Nadine Hill 18th October 2016 5:22 pm Reply
  • I’ve never hear of this sort of public audition for a panto, but what a great idea! And thanks for educating me about Scotty. I’m so out of touch with the youth that I didn’t know who he was…. 😉

    Nell (the Pigeon Pair and Me) 18th October 2016 1:39 pm Reply
    • hehe I didn’t either Nell but my teenager certainly did!

      Nadine Hill 18th October 2016 5:22 pm Reply
  • What a fun idea! I think I might also be a little out of touch with who is cool or famous these days though 😉

    Kate Williams 19th October 2016 2:20 pm Reply

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