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Social Media Refresh

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Here in the UK we are starting to see signs of spring, our vaccination programme for the Covid-19 vaccine is well underway and things are starting to brighten up. It has made me want to emerge from my hibernation and rejoin the world again!

This week having a break from organising my home, I took a look at my social media profiles and decided they needed a refresh too! Some of the profile pictures I am using are several years old and my hair colour has changed since my last photo was taken. I have created some new graphics for my different channels but the one thing I cannot do yet is change my profile image because I am in desperate need of a visit to the hairdresser!

Here’s how my YouTube channel is looking so far:

YouTube channel MrsNadineHill refresh

I used the same image for Twitter:

Twitter @Businessmum refresh

I hope you agree that it’s looking fresh! It’s a work in progress at least. Now all I need is for my hairdresser to open and I can take a new headshot to update everything else.

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