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Staying safe on your family vacation

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Spring is finally here, which means that so many of us are already planning our summer holidays and looking forward to a well earned break. You might be excited to visit the same family destination that you visit every year, or maybe you’re considering discovering somewhere new. Whatever destination you have in mind, you always need to make your safety and the safety of your family your top priority.

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We can easily get swept up in the excitement of a new city or country that we might let our guards down and make ourselves vulnerable to things like crime and accidents. So, I’ve put together a list of simple family safety tips that you can use while you’re having the time of your lives.

Protect your tech
None of us go anywhere without technology these days, including on holiday! And all those beautiful photo opportunities means that we take our smart phones and even a more professional camera along. There’s nothing better than printing off all your holiday snaps and displaying them at home on canvas, in framed prints or you could even print your photos onto aluminium, so you need to make sure your tech is protected.
Beware of flashing an expensive camera around, and keep it tucked inside your clothing out of sight when you’re not using it. Don’t be tempted to push it into your back pocket! Most expert suggest avoiding a large bulky camera but if you absolutely must take it, ensure that your accommodation has a safe that is secure.

Beware of public Wi-fi
Once you leave your resort your internet connection might be a little unreliable. Which is very frustrating! Epically for the teenagers in your holiday party. So you need to be wary if you start jumping onto a public wi-fi signal; you’re exposing your device to hackers who could gain access to things like your personal information, your social media pages and of course your card details! Before you travel, apply a VPN (virtual private network) to your device which blocks anything suspicious.

Check your accommodation
Often we’re so excited to arrive at our accommodation we overlook vital things. When you arrive, take the time to go through your apartment/villa and make sure you’re getting what you booked and paid for! Make sure that any doors to the property lock securely and have a deadbolt. Ensure that the windows lock and secure properly. That includes your balcony doors. No matter how high up you are! Make sure that if you have a balcony, that it’s safe and there isn’t space between the railings for little ones to fall through. Also double check the safety measures around the outdoor pool area.

Plan what to do if you get separated
This will depend on the age of your children. While older children can learn the name and location of your accommodation, younger ones might struggle. So invest in ID bracelets for them, which display your name and contact details.

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