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Take It or Leave It? Your Guide to Holiday Jewellery

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Very few occasions are as universally beloved and successful in bringing people together as the holidays. Each holiday has its own peculiarity, but most of them involve plenty of delicious food being consumed and quality time spent with family and friends. A holiday can also serve as a chance to show your affection for a special someone in your life, and it is no coincidence that one of the top choices for holiday gifts are jewelry. Whether you are in the market for a diamond item, gemstone jewellery, or something completely different, we will examine some popular choices, as well as things to keep in mind during your search for the perfect holiday jewellery gift.

1. Jog your memory
If your loved one has ever demonstrated an interest in jewellery (which is usually a given), chances are that she mentioned the type of item she would like to own, or dropped subtle hints, like spending a noteworthy stretch of time admiring a piece of jewellery or asking whether you think something would fit her. If nothing comes to mind, you may want to ask around and survey her closest friends, checking whether the subject was ever brought up.

2. Make a personal assessment
It is certainly easy to make a jewellery choice when you know what your sweetheart wants, but it is important to remember that women also love surprises. If you are well along in your relationship (or have known the person a long time), you will probably be the person who knows the gift recipient best. By relying on your knowledge of the person, you should be well-equipped to pick something that matches their personal style, and narrow down your choice based on the types of settings and locations where she will be inclined to wear the jewellery.

3. Popular ideas and trends
Diamond earrings. This is a classic jewellery gift, fitting for the holidays and practically any other special occasion. Diamond earrings are an especially prudent choice if your lady already wears plenty of jewellery. They can serve as a cherry-on-top of an already dazzling look.

Rings. Unless you are about to pop the question, you should make sure that a gift ring does not bring up some unintended assumptions. Getting a non-diamond ring with an elegant design and pleasant color should perfectly convey your feelings to the special one you will be spending your holiday with. Many shoppers prefer gemstone rings for such an occasion, picking one in their partner’s favorite color or in a style reminiscent of the person.

Necklaces. Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, like those with tassels, pendants, chokers, and the longer Y-shaped models. If your loved one already owns several necklaces, you can compare them and determine whether she has any preference for longer or shorter models.
Original ideas. A gift from the heart is always treasured, so you should not be afraid to think outside the box and come up with a gift idea uniquely suited for the love of your life. For example, if there is a common thing or memory that you cherish, you may look for jewelry containing a symbol of it. If you are used to treating your lady like a princess, you can keep up this trend by gifting a decorous tiara.

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  • Oh I could spend so much on trinkets and lovely jewellery when I go on holiday – always in the market for a pretty necklace!

    Helen Wills 26th June 2019 12:15 pm Reply
    • Thanks for commenting Helen! For me it depends on the type of holiday I’m having – I tend not to wear jewellery at the beach but yes in the city!!

      Nadine Hill 27th June 2019 7:33 am Reply

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