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The Braces Are Off!

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The braces are off!: Here is a blog post I wrote in June 2012 after my adult braces were removed!

I think I may just be a little bit in love with my Orthodontist. She is a genius! Through the magic of 11 years training and a bit of metal, she has turned my wonky, overcrowded teeth with a slight overbite into this!

Before: September 2010 After: May 2012
YouTube Thumbnail Braces Off

I’m in my 30’s and have just completed 20 month course of orthodontic treatment to get straight teeth. Here is a video I took 7 weeks ago when I thought I was days away from finishing my treatment. It contains some useful things to consider if you are making the decision on which type of braces to go for.

My treatment has taken about 8 weeks longer than we originally thought but now I am brace free forever and because I have some super retainers to wear to bed each night, this is exactly where my teeth will stay! You can read about when I started this journey here The Truth About Getting Braces as an Adult I’m so glad I did it- it just shows that braces are not just for teenagers. It’s never too late to get a dazzling smile!

What do you think of my teeth? Are you considering orthodontic treatment? Share your story in the comments!

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