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The Last Summer of 12

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The last summer of 12

In just 4 months my tween will become a fully fledged teenager as we reach the important ‘age 13’ landmark. We are currently in our ‘last summer of 12’.

Summertime is an important marker in a child’s life. Don’t you always remember the summers from your childhood – when you had that great family holiday or when you and your closest friends went off exploring everyday, having adventures before getting home in time for tea? The summer of 2015 has been a significant one for both my children. They have reached developmental milestones this summer in growing up and maturing in their attitude, and the children I am taking back to school in September are not the sames ones I picked up in July.

The last summer of 12

This reflection on the important age of 12 has come about as I have just been given a sneak preview of a new indie movie that is coming out this month, called ‘A Dozen Summers’. It is a family comedy, shot in the Midlands and is set for a UK cinema release on August 21st 2015 in Leicester. You can read more about the movie here

The movie trailer is fast paced and catchy, I like films that are set in the UK rather than Hollywood as they have a ‘real’ quality to them although I do also enjoy a glossy Hollywood blockbuster! A Dozen Summers was slower to unfold than the trailer promised and although I watched to the end, it didn’t grab my 12 year old who was watching with me and she reached for her phone to go on social media halfway through.

A Dozen Summers movie

Maybe this film is aimed at the adults to watch in a nostalgic capacity and also for the recognition in being a parent to children these days and the modern challenges that brings. The film had an interesting twist in that it was also narrated and the characters engage with the narrator as they ‘take over’ the movie. My favourite part of the movie was at the start when the girls challenge the narrator about his intentions with filming children. It was addressed in a comedy style but showed just how street smart our kids are and need to be these days.

I remember the cusp of 13 myself. It’s a time when they can completely change in a year. My daughter looks much more grown up now since she started high school. Just one year ago we were at a Katy Perry concert together…
Mum & Daughter 2014 at concert

This summer she won’t let me get her full face in a selfie! (Apparently it’s the thing to only have half your face in the shot? I just go along with it!)
July 2015 daughter wants half face selfie

My daughter is currently on a birthday countdown – talking about what party she wants for her 13th, what present and that she wants to (finally!) create her Facebook account at 00:01 on the date of her birthday – the very second she is 13 and therefore allowed. I can’t stop time passing but by recording these little moments on my blog I can hopefully preserve them. She is speeding up to 13 where I am trying to slow down. I don’t mean hold back, but just be mindful of each day and being present so I can enjoy each moment of each day for the last year she is a child, before she becomes a teenager. I never like to wish time away, all we have is the moment we are in.

So for the rest of this summer before the routines of September begin again, I plan to cherish these moments. Let them sleep in, have as many duvet days as they want before it’s back to timetables and times tables! Eat when we are hungry (not for the clock) and let her take as many half-face selfies as she wants. It’s only a matter of time until she is another year older and I am another year wiser.

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Comments to The Last Summer of 12

  • Eek 13! It’s such a big milestone, I completely agree that Summer is an important marker. When you look back you have those leap out of the back of your mind memories that just paint a big smile on your face!

    Laura 19th August 2015 10:12 am Reply
  • Haha I remember my son’s 13th birthday, how we sat and created a Facebook account and he’s not been off it since LOL That was almost 6 years ago xx

    Sonia @ This Mummy Loves 19th August 2015 10:22 am Reply
  • My daughter is 13 next month so we are on the countdown too! She has her party planned and the most extravagant birthday list ever! Can’t believe I have a nearly teenager!!

    Gemma 19th August 2015 10:40 am Reply
  • my sister-in-law hit 13 last year and it was huge thing, it feels odd that she is now suddenly a teen and already acts so much older x

    Rachel 19th August 2015 12:26 pm Reply
  • I think 13 is a huge milestone for kids and adults. She is such a beautiful young lady even with half a face!

    Jen 19th August 2015 12:44 pm Reply
  • 13 is a huge deal, I remember it like it was yesterday and how I suddenly started being really fussy about what I wore, and properly noticing boys for the first time! I have 3 years to go until my eldest reaches that age, but it goes so quickly doesn’t it?

    Emma 19th August 2015 3:49 pm Reply
  • 13 is a big milestone and I remember it well in my own life, but what’s interesting is that my bicultural kids (French-English) kind of play along for me but don’t really get the whole 13 thing; it’s purely cultural as in French thirteen is treize and doesn’t signify anything special. There are no “teenage” years just adolescence that starts at a different age for each child but somewhere around 12-14! But I still made a fuss when my kid turned 13!!

    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo 19th August 2015 4:04 pm Reply
    • It’s interesting to hear how cultures differentiate. Thanks for commenting.

      Nadine Hill 20th August 2015 5:32 pm Reply
  • 13 such a big milestone. I remember turning 13 (many moons ago lol) It was an interesting time

    angela hamilton 19th August 2015 4:29 pm Reply
  • Ahh Nadine it’s such a milestone isn’t it, well I can imagine it is (POD is four). Quite a poignant summer for you, I hope you’ve been having fun. I love that photo of you two at the Katy Perry concert although the second one is far more entertaining! x

    Charly Dove 19th August 2015 11:28 pm Reply
    • She’s something else isn’t she? Half a face! Whatever next?! x

      Nadine Hill 20th August 2015 5:30 pm Reply
  • She is growing up – becoming a teenager is such a big deal.

    Erica Price 20th August 2015 7:00 am Reply
  • 13 is a huge milestone in any parents life, how lucky she is to have such a lovely mummy. My daughter is 18 next week and feel so emotional I can’t begin to tell you xxx

    Sam Thurley 20th August 2015 9:17 am Reply
    • Aww thank you! I bet you cant believe you have a grown woman for a daughter! Isn’t it amazing how quick it all goes?! x

      Nadine Hill 20th August 2015 5:29 pm Reply
  • Katy Perry! I went too last year. Love it so much! I think I would like this film as I am very nostalgic for those days again. I wish I could go back and change a few things.

    sam- happyhomebird 20th August 2015 12:15 pm Reply
  • Haha love that about the half face in a selfie!! You’re so right about summers being what children remember most. Have loved all of ours 🙂

    Stephs Two Girls 20th August 2015 12:20 pm Reply
  • Lovely heartfelt post. I have to agree these children grow way to quickly and although my little boy is only 5 it seems like yesterday I was bringing him home from hospital. Its true though as children you remember the summer the holidays, the hanging out with friends that little bit of extra freedom! x

    Jess Howliston 20th August 2015 1:32 pm Reply
  • 13 is such a big milestone, its a birthday I remember well!

    Rebecca Smith 20th August 2015 4:33 pm Reply
  • A fully fledged teen in the house – good luck. Mine turned 15 today!

    Kara 20th August 2015 4:49 pm Reply
    • haha thanks! Happy Birthday to yours!

      Nadine Hill 20th August 2015 5:27 pm Reply
  • 13 is the turning point as she looks like a great one x she is a credit to you and looks so fun

    Ninjacat 20th August 2015 7:48 pm Reply
    • Thank you! She is such fun and I’m so proud of her. x

      Nadine Hill 21st August 2015 10:42 am Reply
  • My daughter is 13 and yes, she’s so grown-up, but still gorgeous too! I think I learn from her these days as much as learns from me….Good luck with it all!

    Sarah Ebner 21st August 2015 4:37 pm Reply
    • Thanks Sarah! I know I definitely learn from my daughter these days – she’s very clued up on photography and video shooting!

      Nadine Hill 22nd August 2015 5:29 pm Reply
  • Such an exciting time for all of you! Hope the summer’s gone well.

    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood 22nd August 2015 9:01 pm Reply
    • Thank you – it’s been a lovely summer.

      Nadine Hill 23rd August 2015 10:19 am Reply

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