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The next stage of the juggle

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Everything has its time and throughout life we move from one immersive situation to another – each with its own challenges and happiness, until you find that all of a sudden you are in a new life stage.

This is me now.

When I started this blog ten years ago (Yes – TEN! I can’t quite believe it myself!) I was knee deep in the daily juggle with a baby and a primary school child. I was also growing my home based business, trying to keep the home running (cooking, cleaning and the rest) and also trying to find time for my husband too – not to mention a social life and if there was anything left (there wasn’t!) I’d want time for myself!

I’m happy to report that ten years later and I do have more time for my own interests! Now the children need me less in a practical sense (but more in an emotional one), I have more chance in the day for my hobbies, alongside the usual working and running a home. But I’m about to enter a new stage too – in just 7 more weeks my son will finish Key Stage Two and move to high school in September which means that I will no longer have the twice daily school run to do at all!

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It got me thinking – what shall I do next? I love working from home and that it enables me to be around for my children, but I do miss the interaction of having colleagues and going ‘out to work’. I was pondering on this earlier this year when I decided to shake things up a bit and try new things. After all, we have our ‘go to’ interests (shopping, reading etc) but who knows – there may be another passion out there that we hadn’t considered? So I enrolled on a make-up course!

As a blogger I read many tips pieces and watch YouTube videos from plenty of beauty bloggers who have all the latest knowledge, but at 43 years old I want to watch women my age and older to learn from them as they have first hand experience of what it’s like to have fine lines and dry skin, but there aren’t as many out there! Beautiful and knowledgeable though the 20 and 30 year olds are, they have a magnificent canvas to start with, and I’d rather hear mature know-how from someone who has walked my path and worked on her own grooves!

I don’t know where this course will take me in the future, but for now I’m happy to go with the flow of life and have less of a ‘master plan’ than I did in my ’30s. Anticipating that my days will be freer in September I have also enrolled on a short yoga course, to learn more about my practise and linking it to spirituality and gaining a deeper understanding of yogic practices, whilst making a connection to my female intuition, mystery and the moon. The cycles and rhythms of nature echo in our natural female cycles and I’m interested to explore this further.

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I’ve done some yoga pictures over the years but this is one of my favourite shots. Hanging upside down, flashing my belly (accidentally!) and being in the moment. Let’s face it- you can’t afford to be anywhere else but mindfully present when you could easily drop skull first onto the floor! For a moment I debated whether to share this image. Instead of the freedom and passionate immersion which I feel when I remember the moment it was taken, I hesitated because a bit of belly fat was showing. Maybe the good people of the internet would judge me for being a size 18 with an extra roll? Then I had a word with myself. For heavens sake, it’s a bit of soft, round belly… not a dirty bomb. And I’m sure no-one cares anyway. Despite my momentary hesitation, I am rather proud that I can still get my legs up above my head! And I’m grateful that I have the ability to share these moments, to look back on. Lives online may appear glossy and ‘sorted’ but like this photo shows, I’m not ‘glossy’. I live a life full of texture, nuance and ‘imperfections’ and that’s fine with me.

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But you know looking back, those ‘treadmill’ years of hustle in my 20s and 30s had to be done, and I wouldn’t swop those early exhausting years of motherhood for anything. I think that had I not given the level of effort that I did into my business and my mothering at that time, I’d perhaps wonder now if I could have done better? Done more? But I can certainly say ‘no’. I have no regrets, I did my best and I gave it my all. Thankfully in a business sense, those years of soldiering away, bringing in clients and going to meetings paid off as I still benefit from a monthly passive income from that business – 13 years after I started it from nothing. It’s not a massive amount of money but for 5 minutes effort per month when I send off my invoice – the hourly rate would impress a surgeon or lawyer! Now in my 40s, I can afford to slow down a bit, I am pleased with what I have achieved so far, and I’ve earned it.

I’m preparing for the next stage of the juggle, and it is exciting.

Did you try anything new when your children got older and you had more time? Or if your children are still young, is there anything you’d plan to do when you reach this stage?
Do let me know in the comments, I love to hear your plans!

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Comments to The next stage of the juggle

  • Great stuff – sounds really exciting. You need to keep challenging yourself and stay energised in life. All the best with your new project!

    I retrained as a teacher in my 40s snd now work on supply. It fits in around kids and keeps me busy. I’m
    Always looking for new hobbies too. Fun times!

    Louise 30th May 2018 3:01 pm Reply
    • Thanks for your lovely comment Louise! It’s good to retrain and update our skills isn’t it? Interests and passions can change and it is vital to stay energised and engaged with life.

      Nadine Hill 30th May 2018 3:07 pm Reply

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