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The PDA at Disneyland Paris!

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JuggleMum at Magic Kingdom

The PDA at Disneyland Paris: Dreams are made there, it’s always beautiful there and apparently you are never too old for a bit of Disney magic. This was certainly the case on my recent visit to the theme park…. in more ways than one!

I was on a blogger trip to France with Canvas Holidays who took me and four other top bloggers to Disneyland Paris for the day, to highlight how close this tourist ‘must see’ is to their five star camping resort.

JuggleMum at Magic Kingdom

It was the first time I’d been somewhere like this without children, and whilst the place is geared up for families and guests of all ages, it is actually quite nice to be an adult there too – with no parental responsibility!

I’m usually the keeper of bags and coats and minder of the youngest child who is scared of anything more hardcore than the ‘Teacups’ at these kind of places, whilst my hubby and tween enjoy the white knuckle rollercoasters without me. This time, I went hardcore all the way! Have a look at my friend Kate’s video of our rollercoaster ride – complete with ‘boob blackout’!

But if you think those screams are loud, they are nothing compared to the screams we all made when we saw the Disney magic work its charms on the 50+ couple who insisted on snogging and groping their way around the park… including photobombing us on our way in!

Now I’m a big believer in love, I think it’s great when people ‘go for it’. I admire a bit of chutzpah in people, and I’m all for still snogging and making out over the age of 50. But keep it to the privacy of your own home people! At first when we saw the couple, walking hand in hand and planting the odd kiss, my first thought was ‘oh, that’s lovely – bloody good for them!’ It was when the man grabbed his woman’s arse mid-snog, then opened his eyes and looked at all of us whilst he was still making out that we started to get a bit grossed out by it.

Here is a photo of the bloggy gang I went to Disney with… maybe you can guess what we saw in the second half of the picture when everyone’s expressions changed!


Disneyland itself was brilliant, we Tweeted and Instagrammed our way around the park, so if you do a search for #canvasbloggers you’ll see all the fun we had. You may even spot a picture of the PDA couple that became one of our holiday memories… for better or worse!

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Comments to The PDA at Disneyland Paris!

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  • Oh memories hey Nadine, I think the antics behind us, will be remembered by us all forever!

    Amanda 17th June 2015 11:33 pm Reply
    • Do you remember the vouchers on the ferry? Stocking up on the booze?! That waiter’s face was a picture!!!

      Nadine Hill 23rd June 2015 9:29 am Reply
  • Eeeew, no PDAs in Disney please lol!! Unless it’s a quick kiss from Donald Duck of course 😛 Thanks for sharing your day at Disneyland Paris with me on #100DaysOfDisney! We went for our 1st wedding anniversary and had a great time! No PDAs though!! xx

    Michelle 15th July 2015 7:01 pm Reply
    • Aww Michelle- I’m gutted to hear there were no PDAs on your wedding anniversary!! LOL Thanks for hosting such a fab linky – it is a great idea! x

      Nadine Hill 16th July 2015 2:01 pm Reply
  • Ah, it’s so fun to go to Disney sans kids – a chance to have fun and be a bit silly. I think my favourite Disney trip was when I went on with friends when we were teenagers.

    Chloe (Sorry About The Mess) 16th July 2015 10:00 am Reply
  • Such cute photos. I have never been to Disney Paris and would love to go!!! An update on what was behind the camera????

    Lucy 26th July 2015 9:23 am Reply
    • Oh my! What was going on behind the camera is the couple snogging and whilst they were doing it, the man kept looking at us for our reaction! It was a bit odd- he seemed to like us watching!

      Nadine Hill 27th July 2015 7:58 am Reply
  • Ew PDA in Disney is too much! lol

    Gemma 15th August 2015 2:55 pm Reply
    • haha agree!

      Nadine Hill 15th August 2015 4:33 pm Reply
  • Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I went to Disney with my daughter in 2011 and we had an amazing time 🙂

    Sonia @ This Mummy Loves 16th August 2015 10:43 am Reply
    • Disney is such a magical place

      Nadine Hill 16th August 2015 3:40 pm Reply
  • No PDAs for us! We’re thinking of going to Euro Disney next year but of course with the kids!

    Ness 16th August 2015 7:08 pm Reply
  • Would love to go to that place with my kids.

    Hannah Wood (staveley) 16th August 2015 8:31 pm Reply
  • Ewww, that would have made me cringe 🙂 Oh do show the picture that they photobombed 😉

    sam- happyhomebird 17th August 2015 1:10 am Reply
  • You went to Disney without children * WELL DONE ! wohoooo

    Ninajcat 17th August 2015 1:31 pm Reply
    • haha I know! Bless them, they didn’t even moan about it… I said I was checking it out for us all in the future!

      Nadine Hill 17th August 2015 4:10 pm Reply
  • I know the Mrs would love to visit, but it so is not for me.

    Stephen 17th August 2015 9:00 pm Reply
  • Wow, that looks fab! I LOVE Disneyland. x

    Emma 18th August 2015 7:52 am Reply
  • Ewww, just makes you want to shout ‘Get a room!’, hehe.

    Not been to DLP in quite a few years now, boooo, as we’re normally at WDW instead (I know right, #firstworldproblem), I really want to get back there though!

    We’re 2 adults, no kids and we ‘do Disney’ every year – deffo don’t need kids to justify going. Family vacations means there’s something for *everyone* after all – including us big kids 🙂


    Penny @OnePennyTourist 2nd September 2015 12:45 pm Reply
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