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The School Run

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The school run has been a fixture of my daily routine for the last 10 years. Summer and winter, rain or shine. There’s some things I love about the school run and some things I don’t but in three more years my school run days will come to an end as my youngest gets to high school so whilst I still have it to do, I want to celebrate the little moments.

The school run can be a social occasion when you catch up with your mum friends, or a busy rush if you have somewhere to be. I like to get to school with plenty of time to spare so that my son can read to me in the car or work on his spellings and I’ve often left the house with my breakfast bowl and eaten my melon or Weetabix in the car! If I don’t get out of my driveway by 08:30am I get caught up in the school run of the school next to our house so I escape before I’m blocked in. I do however, like to leave a clean and organised house behind – dishwasher and washing machine on and couch cushions straightened… most of the time!

TheSchoolRun montage

But no matter what happens before the school run – that moment after it, at 09:00am as I get in my car and pull away from school bells and kids running round, the lunch bags trolleys and PE kits on pegs, I can start to think about my day and everything I have to do. That is a magical moment of calm. For the next six hours it’s all about my schedule, not their timetable, and as every busy mum knows – we often have more to do than time to do it so the freedom to get on with it is welcome.

At the start of the new school term I created a Periscope series called #TheSchoolRun to celebrate this exact moment and to share a little of my daily routine with people who read my blog and people who enjoy my YouTube videos. My web developer convinced me to do it – he said my readers would like to know more about me – a behind the screen look at what I’m up to. My first thought was “Who cares?” “Why would anyone be interested in the minutia of my life?” but I realised that the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff is often the parts of a creative work that I enjoy the most. When I used to read my teenage magazines I’d love the fashion shoots but I also enjoyed those articles that showed the model had a bulldog clip pulling in her jacket to make it fit in the picture, or when you see a smart newsreader in their suit jacket on top, wearing jeans and slippers under the desk!

So in the interests of sharing a bit of random routine, I’m taking my best school run each week and broadcasting a short video on Periscope which I also upload to YouTube for longevity. If you follow me on Periscope or Twitter (@Businessmum) you can be alerted to the live feeds. The video can be seen on Periscope with any comments I get for 24 hours afterwards, but the YouTube version is forever! Here is my YouTube playlist of #TheSchoolRun so far…

The video below is this weeks’ #TheSchoolRun and in it I mentioned my school run saviour boots, but I couldn’t show you! So watch the video then I have pictured my school run outfit underneath!

This was my outfit on the day of that school run! (It’s typical of most of my daily outfits!)
school run flat lay

Mystery Boots c/o Hotter £95 Now £89.00
Leggings by Primark
Top by M&S
Scarf by Per Una at M&S
Jacket by NEXT

For a lot of my week when I’m working from home, I often do the school run in my gym kit, if I’m off to spinning or yoga. But its the days when I can dress up that I really enjoy the school run. I like to get some lipstick and nice boots on and a swishy little skirt or some skinny jeans – these days aren’t as often as I’d like!

Last week when I picked up my burgundy boots, I was at the Hotter shoes store opening in Leeds with some other Yorkshire bloggers.

Hotter bloggers

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one to get these boots but there were some lovely styles chosen to review by the other bloggers – in all styles and colours. When I’ve reviewed Hotter Shoes before, I’ve always found them to be comfortable and my new boots are no exception!

me modelling the boots

This is me in the store happy with my choice!

Since last week when these boots became mine, I have worn them every single day! They have been my school run saviours and also when I was in London last week for a meeting and the rain hammered down all day, they kept me comfortable and dry. The leather foot and moulded sole are waterproof and my feet were cushioned by Hotter’s patented Pyramid Foam Technology (I learned about this on the store opening event! I even Instagrammed on the night mentioning the technology!)

Instagram shot by @Businessmum

Instagram shot by @Businessmum

If you haven’t checked Hotter out, have a look. I would have previously said that there are usually one or two gems in each collection, but in fact for Autumn/Winter 2015-16 they have seriously raised their fashion game. Their footwear is both stylish and comfortable, they have to be tried to be believed! In fact a blogger friend told me last week that she’d bought some Hotter boots after reading one of my fashion posts and loved them but before she tried them for herself she thought I was mad! Honestly, you just have to try them! Hotter have also recently launched their blog – check it out for some inspiration!

blogger trio

L-R: Helen Costello Casa Costello; Nadine Hill JuggleMum; Sian Russell Helpful Mum

I’ll be sharing my weekly school run on Periscope / YouTube until half term so you can catch up with me in coming weeks if you happen to see the live notifications! I may continue after half term if I have more to share! Let’s see how it goes.

Do let me know if your school run is anything like mine. What are your school run essentials? Plus is there anything you’d like me to cover in a future #TheSchoolRun blog? Share in the comments!

Disclosure: I received the Hotter boots for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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Comments to The School Run

  • Love the boots, perfect for the school run. You always looks so well dressed x

    Sonia @ This Mummy Loves 25th September 2015 10:07 am Reply
    • Ah thank you Sonia – but I do have a small confession. I’m not always well dressed – I just don’t whip out the camera on those days! 😉

      Nadine Hill 25th September 2015 12:34 pm Reply
  • School runs have been long gone for several years now! But, when I did do them, my routine was always rock solid – drop him to school, then hit the gym or swimming and then go about my day. It’s strange, without it, I’m actually less organised >_<

    Michelle 25th September 2015 1:27 pm Reply
    • Of course – the school run does offer an anchor point to the day – I guess it’s hard without that need to get out at a certain time!

      Nadine Hill 28th September 2015 2:38 pm Reply
  • So impressed by your periscoping – loved watching it! I know I will miss taking my son to school next year when he starts at secondary, so I’m enjoying our morning walks all the more at the moment!

    Sarah Ebner 25th September 2015 1:51 pm Reply
  • I love those boots. I have very large legs, so I think I am going to have to give them a shot. I HATE the school run and was delighted when the boys wanted to walk!

    Jen Walshaw (@Mum_TheMadHouse) 25th September 2015 2:20 pm Reply
  • we went to see a school this morning that Wilf might go to next year, I felt so emotional! Can’t believe I’m going to be a school run mum this time next year eek! x

    Fritha Strickland 25th September 2015 4:16 pm Reply
    • It’ll go so quick!

      Nadine Hill 28th September 2015 2:37 pm Reply
  • I love the boots! The school run is totally new to me, my eldest started school last Thursday so I have done 7 days now! Unfortunately the calm is non existent when you are left with a 2 year old and 7 month old

    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure 25th September 2015 8:32 pm Reply
  • Oh boy, I’d hate anyone to see my school run at the moment, it’s a wonder we ever get there at all. So much different to before we moved house when we would go with friends and the kids were much happier. I’m sure it will improve but for now I’ll just be jealous of yours 🙂

    Anne 25th September 2015 10:18 pm Reply
  • My school run has reduced drastically – a couple of years ago it took three hours a day but now it’s just 15 minutes and it’s fab. I usually wear gym stuff.

    Mums do travel 26th September 2015 11:37 pm Reply
    • From 3 hours to 15 minutes – Gretta you are my hero!

      Nadine Hill 28th September 2015 2:35 pm Reply
  • Oh the school run… so this is something new for me and like you i am quite organised in the morning. I only get 3 hours though and it goes so quick.
    I really love your new boots. You look fab x

    Mary Louise 27th September 2015 8:14 pm Reply
    • Aww thank you very much!

      Nadine Hill 28th September 2015 2:35 pm Reply
  • I love Hotter shoes I wear a pair most days as they are so comfy! Perfect for the school run!

    Joanne Dewberry 28th September 2015 9:33 am Reply
  • They look such cosy boots and I love the autumnal colour. I only had to do the preschool run as we now home educate but oh my was it stressful!

    sam fernley 28th September 2015 11:01 am Reply
  • I do the school run on foot and my goretex Hotter boots have been a godsend when it has been raining as they keep my feet lovely and warm and dry

    Kara 29th September 2015 7:03 am Reply
    • Another fan like me!!

      Nadine Hill 30th September 2015 11:14 am Reply
  • Nice boots!! I do the school run on foot as OH needs the car for work – it means 5 miles a day of walking, but at least it keeps me fit!

    Sonya Cisco 29th September 2015 11:03 am Reply
    • Wow- who needs the gym?!

      Nadine Hill 30th September 2015 11:14 am Reply
  • Loved watching this Nadine.

    Rachel McAlley 30th September 2015 10:11 am Reply
    • Ah- a glad you liked it, I love a bit of a nosy into other people’s lives so I thought it’d be interesting!!

      Nadine Hill 30th September 2015 11:12 am Reply
  • Wow you are all over everything this week, clothes, school run and periscope – seriously impressive and rather fascinating to watch, think you might be onto something!

    Penny 30th September 2015 11:52 am Reply
    • haha it just seem that way as it’s all published at once! The clothes and Periscopes have been several weeks in the making:-) But thanks for your comment!

      Nadine Hill 1st October 2015 9:13 am Reply
  • I wish my school run was like yours – you sound so much more organised than me!! You did make me think though, with years of the run ahead of me I’ve never thought of it being over….but I guess I should try to enjoy it more as it won’t be around forever!

    Globalmouse 30th September 2015 8:19 pm Reply
    • It’s just a fact of life isn’t it? But sooner or later our school run days will be over so whilst I have this last few years, I’m making these memories! 🙂

      Nadine Hill 1st October 2015 9:16 am Reply
  • I love being able to do the school run. Special times that I’m sure will hold fond memories when I no longer need to do them. Your wardrobe sounds far more organised than mine though!

    Donna @OrdCyclingGirl 30th September 2015 9:43 pm Reply
  • I would love to have some lovely clothes to wear for work, I like you style and the jump suit thats in the photo at the top.

    Rachel 1st October 2015 7:54 pm Reply
    • Thank you!

      Nadine Hill 1st October 2015 9:13 pm Reply
  • I am like you on the school run and since i work from home the house has to be straight before i leave or when i get back I dont get straight to work!

    I adore hotter and i have just bought the Danville boots today with my birthday money 🙂

    Jaime Oliver 1st October 2015 10:25 pm Reply
    • Happy birthday!! Yes, I have to have things straight and tidy or I can easily get distracted which prevents me getting everything done!! x

      Nadine Hill 2nd October 2015 9:58 am Reply
  • Hiya! I love this post and love also, the minutia of your life! Those 6 hours pass by so quickly – I am just coming to terms with the fact my whole life isn’t completely organised and perfect after only 3 weeks of school. So fab to see you at Hotter last week – My boots have arrived and I love em too! xx

    Helen at Casa Costello 1st October 2015 11:16 pm Reply
    • Hi Helen, it really does take a while doesn’t it to get organised again after the long school holidays! Fab to see you too and we will be rocking our boots all winter won’t we?! x

      Nadine Hill 2nd October 2015 9:57 am Reply
  • I got my mum a pair of very comfortable looking Hotter shoes in sales this summer. Just like your boots, they look fab as well.xx

    oana79 2nd October 2015 3:32 am Reply
    • I bet she never takes them off Oana! x

      Nadine Hill 2nd October 2015 9:49 am Reply
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  • Oh gosh, your school runs sound like the school runs I have in my head: leaving a sparkling clean house, dressed in a nice outfit, early… the reality is so far from that: late, porridge (if not snot, if not both – the kids’ just in case you were wondering) stuck on my cardigan, semi-tamed hair in a bun, crying / tantruming children in tow… I’m living the dream, aren’t I?

    Mel 28th April 2016 10:17 pm Reply
    • haha I do try to keep things as close to this as I can but don’t forget – you have double the amount of kids than I do! x

      Nadine Hill 29th April 2016 4:47 pm Reply
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