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Things Kids Say: King for A Day

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son using camera out and about

Parents know all about the funny and cute things kids say. I recently asked my son what he’d do if he were ‘King for a day’! Here was his response.

I love to record video of my kids. My youngest is 7 years old and I’ve been capturing moments like these since he was a baby, and for my daughter too. It is wonderful to look back on our precious memories of their childhood and the cute things they have said and done. Plus, as a bonus, I have plenty of film snippets to make up a great video compilation of their ‘best bits’ for their 18th birthday parties!

The conversation about what he’d do as king for a day came up because my local shopping centre, The Light in Leeds is having a ‘Fairy Tale Day‘ on Friday 29th May. On the last day of Half Term, the centre has created an enchanted garden where kids can get their faces painted and enjoy storytelling. Plus, any kids who are in fancy dress can eat free at Barburrito (see website for details).

The Light sent us this Kidizoom camera so that he could record what he’d do if he were king for a day, but instead, my son preferred to record his kingly wishes onto my camcorder and use his Kidizoom to become a photographer. We walked into town the day after he’d been given the camera and a usual 10 minute walk became half an hour after he stopped to take photos of the ladybirds, the red cars, the cloud formations and a discarded shoe at the side of the road!

son using camera out and about

He’s taking such an interest in his creative expression which I love, and all this practise is helping to develop his ‘eye’ for the aesthetic. My daughter is the same, she likes to make video on Video Star. It’s what kids these days are into but I like to think that my work as a blogger has helped them take more of an interest in the arts and in social media, than they would if I were a dinner lady for example. At the very least, they get to learn from my trial and error and become familiar with terms like favicon and permalink and they know what my bounce rate means – and it’s not how much I can do on the trampoline!

So we know what my son would do if he were king for a day, my daughter would want an iPhone 7 (which isn’t out yet at the time of writing) and have pizza for every meal! If I were queen for a day I would just stop the world from turning for a while so that my children stay at this beautiful stage a bit longer. But as I can’t I’m actually doing what I need to be and keeping these childhood memories close through blogging and storing all these moments that would otherwise be forgotten.

What would you do as king or queen for the day? Let me know in the comments below!

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