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Things you learn as a new mum

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Being a first-time mum can be an overwhelming and daunting prospect. You can read all the baby books and buy all the fancy new gadgets – but when your baby arrives, everything you thought you knew will go out the window. It’s all about you and your baby and what works for your family.

Motherhood comes with numerous trials and tribulations – many of which are unexpected and challenging to handle. It’s important to remember that every first-time mum goes through the same cycle of nerves, excitement and fear. Keep an open mind and try to enjoy the process.

mum and baby

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Here are a few surprising things you may come to learn in the first few years as a mother.

You will go through a lot of clothes
Babies are messy; there’s no doubt about that. You will go through multiple changes of clothes throughout the day – for you and your baby. Keep your designer clothes tucked to one side until the explosive nappies and weaning phases are over. You will be in a constant conveyer belt of washing, drying and changing.

Make sure you have plenty of newborn baby sleepsuits on standby so you always have plenty of backups. Welcome to the newborn club!

You will develop a new friendship circle
You can feel like you’re in a bubble when you’re caring for a newborn. It’s a continuous cycle of feeding, burping, napping, playing and cuddling. You might forget how to socialise with adults after a while – and the bottomless brunches you used to attend will feel like a distant memory.

Some mums are too cautious and struggle to socialise while fretting about phone signals and late nights. Others feel like they have been released on their first night back on the town and start dancing on tables or knocking back shots.

When a baby enters your life, things can change dramatically. Make sure to chat with your friends about how you’re feeling or join a new mum social group to make some new mummy friends.

You spend less time on your appearance.
Remember when you used to spend hours on your makeup before a night out? In motherhood, you will probably spend five minutes getting ready in total. You might lose touch with the latest fashion trends and what’s going on in the world. Besides, most parents are just trying to remember what they planned for dinner tonight.

Wear comfortable clothes and buy a size up if you need to. Your body has undergone a huge transformation – be kind to yourself.

You become more organised.
Organisation is the key to balancing motherhood and social life. Leave your handbag at home and pack the ultimate baby bag instead. Write everything down – from doctor’s notes to non-uniform days at school.

It’s impossible to remember everything when you are juggling a career, baby, and personal life. Stay organised and enjoy this time with your baby.

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