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Thrifty with water

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Here in the UK this is shaping up to be the hottest summer we’ve ever had with temperatures set to soar to 35C on Friday (95F).

Whilst I’m loving the weather – I actually feel like we have had a summer this year, I am a little worried about what the knock on effect will be to our future food prices (if crops are destroyed in the heat) and also about the lack of water in some parts of the UK with water companies issuing hosepipe bans as the reservoirs are running dry.

swan lake

My mum has always been thrifty with water – all her life she has preserved water and whenever she takes a bath at home she leaves the waste water in the tub and uses it to flush her toilet. This is usual for her all the time – not just in times of water crisis!

So I thought about ways we can all be thrifty with water. Some of these tips are for times like now but some are to help us be mindful of water when it rains, so we can always have a bit of a stockpile!

  • Firstly start with the basics – turn off your taps! Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth or shave for example, only allow what you use to come out of the taps. Whilst you are at it – fix any leaky taps in your home to avoid water wasteage.
  • Boiling water – only add to your kettle the water you plan to use for drinks etc. Don’t take more than you need – this will save water but also your energy bills as you are only using what you need to.
  • Shower more. A 3-4 minute shower uses less water than taking a bath.
  • Save bath water. If you don’t have a shower at home, make sure you leave the plug in after your bath. You can use the water to flush your loo, water the plants or clean your home!
  • Dirty washing. Be sure to wash only full loads of clothing – not half loads – this will help you to use less water overall when doing laundry.
  • Flushed away! Get a water saving bag for your loo to use less water with each flush.
  • Feed the garden when you feed your family. Save the water you use for boiling or steaming vegetables at dinner. When it s cooled, use it to water your plants in the garden.
  • Catch rainwater in a water butt. This tip is one for times when it rains, but having your own store of rainwater will mean you have something to feed your garden with in times when water is in short supply.
  • Dishwasher saves water! Incredibly using a dishwasher (only when it is full) uses less water than filling a washing up bowl! So you can take it easy doing the dishes and know you are saving water too by using your dishwasher!
  • Read up on articles about water quality, the environment or how pollution affects our drinking supply. Water Filter Answers has a variety of articles on these subjects.
  • Do you have any more thrifty water tips to add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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