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Tip of the Week: Give Blood

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Tip of the week: give blood

I’d heard the messages on the radio and seen social media to ‘Give Blood’ but it didn’t really sink in until the start of the year. In a busy life it’s so easy to hear things but not absorb them, but my inertia turned into action after a hospital dash back in January, that opened my eyes to the need to donate blood.

I’d taken a family member to A&E and they had to give blood samples for testing. Being in a hospital environment and seeing all the medical staff dashing about to assist patients and the people in need of life saving treatment made me aware that I could do something to help and I wasn’t doing it. It had never occured to me – as crazy as that sounds!

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Thankfully I’m not in hospitals that often. I don’t work in them and am in good health, so the plight of sick people is not something that is in front of me regularly. It was during my hospital run that I decided to give blood, when I got home I looked online, registered as a donor and made my appointment when the mobile clinic came to my town.

A doctor at hospital told me that giving blood is actually good for you! By taking a pint out your body needs to work to replace what has been taken and make fresh blood. It’s like having an ‘oil change!’ As long as you are healthy (and they make you take a questionnaire to check) it is safe for women to give blood every 16 weeks and men every 12.

After donating, I was given a drink and a biscuit and made my next appointment. I was also given permission to take it easy for the rest of the day (what better excuse!) You have to drink plenty of fluids and not do any heavy lifting but you are back to normal working order by the next day.

It felt really good to know that I’ve done something to help people. After my donation as I was driving to school to collect my son, an ad came on the radio to give blood. It told me that one donation can save three people’s lives and that made me really proud. I saved three people’s lives that day – I reckon that’s a day well lived.

If that wasn’t enough, I opened my emails the next day to read this message:

Thank you so much for becoming a blood donor. You’re now part of a very special group and you’ve already helped us to save and improve lives.

If we were able to take a donation we should be in touch soon to let you know your blood group. Whether you’re O- or AB+, the need for blood and its components never stops.

Managing your account online at blood.co.uk couldn’t be easier. You can use it to find donation sessions and book and amend your appointments, as well as to update your personal info and contact details.

Thank you again, we couldn’t do it without you.

I’ll never turn back now – I will always be a blood donor. It helps people, doesn’t take much time, I get to chill out afterwards and it makes me feel good. Why not register yourself and help save some lives?

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Comments to Tip of the Week: Give Blood

  • My mum couldn’t give blood because of her medication, but my dad always did. I remember him coming home and giving us his Be Nice to Me, I Gave Blood Today sticker. I had no idea it was good for you too!

    Sara-Jayne 2nd September 2016 9:01 pm Reply
    • I remember those stickers too!

      Nadine Hill 5th September 2016 3:01 pm Reply
  • I used to give blood all the time but sadly due to the meds i am on I am no longer allowed. Hubby and the older kids do though

    Kara Guppy 5th September 2016 9:59 am Reply
    • It’s definitely a worthwhile cause if you are able. Thanks for commenting.

      Nadine Hill 5th September 2016 2:59 pm Reply
  • Thank you for giving blood Nadine. You could have saved a life like mine. I’m only here today due to the generosity of others after I lost half of my blood when I had my youngest. I used to give blood but due to the transfusion I can no longer donate. So I try to say a personal thank you to everyone I know who does.
    Thank you, from me and my family

    Louise 18th November 2016 2:11 pm Reply
    • Oh wow – that’s lovely to know Louise! I am so glad that your life was saved and if more people can know the impact of giving blood maybe we will get more donors.

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:48 pm Reply

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