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Tip Of The Week: Know Your Options

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Tip Of The Week: Know Your Options

Tip of the week: know your options

As parents, we have a lot more to think about than just getting the kids to school on time or what to cook for tonight’s tea! Raising a family means looking after their emotional health as well as their physical health, but to do that, we also need to look after our own.

If a parent is injured and cannot work, then the family will have a loss of earnings that can affect the family finances and if an accident leaves the parent with a permanent injury, the costs of treatment can soon mount. One way to prepare for something like this is to know your options.

When I became a parent, one of the admin tasks that I made sure I did was to make a will. Now that there was someone more important than me in the world, it made sense to ensure that if something happened to me, my daughter would be taken care of and my wishes for her would be carried out. I knew nothing about wills before this but I made it my business to ask around and learn a bit about the process, so that I was prepared.

Just like knowing about wills, most of us probably know little about accident compensation claims or what to do in the case of personal injury when someone else is at fault. But there is a course of action that is open to us if we become affected by an accident or injury, which could mean that compensation is secured to help with the cost of getting back on track after such a trauma. This useful resource can help you see what you can claim for and provide a signpost on what to do next if this is your situation.

Being prepared is not just for the boy Scouts! A little research now could help you to act quickly if the worst should happen, and help you regain some control over your life. I hope that you never have cause to make a claim, but if you do then at least you know you have options.

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  • Great post – I’ll pass this to my wife.

    Simon Hill 11th May 2015 2:33 pm Reply

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