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Top five ideas for themed children’s party

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A kid’s birthday party can be hectic to plan sometimes. Organising the theme, sending out the invites and choosing the children’s fancy dress costumes can all become potential headaches if not planned properly. With many options available, you should try the variety and make the party as colourful and happening as possible. Make sure to ask your kid about his/her opinion, make them feel an integral part of it, ask about the themes they want, surely because they know the best.
Here are some exclusive and easy ideas, which children will surely love.

Super hero theme
This is one of the most famous themes to host for a boy’s birthday party. Ask your kid, the super hero he wants to become, get a costume and get going! Make the invitation card with the super hero theme. Make decorations with various images and small caricatures of different super heroes. Buy capes for batman and superman, a mask for The Hulk, Spiderman and Captain America. Mini costumes accessories of Wonder Woman for girls to wear in the party. Get big balloons with super heroes printed on it.
Cakes can be casted with the overall superhero theme or the one that the birthday kid decides to be. For food, you can use various bowls of different colours fitting each superhero dress theme like yellow and red for superman. You can have different coloured fruit juices and mark it as energy drinks. Thor’s hammer shaped rolls, superhero cupcakes, mini burgers with food flags of super heroes.
There are various games available for this themed party. Most famous is the passing kryptonite ball. Here all the kids are the superheroes and they have stay away from kryptonite, play the music and let them throw the ball one to another, the one who gets it is out. Almost like the passing the buzzer, decorate the ball in green shiny velvet paper.

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Minion theme
A Minion is an all time favourite for kids. The little yellow colour costume is attention grabbing. You can bring various Minions t-shirts for the kids to wear. The glass and the plates can be Minion cartoon print. You can also buy Minions treats from local stores. Play some Minion music and get the party started. You can play various games; you can allow kids to make their own Minion, by providing them toy scissors, yellow paper and various decorative eyes. You can also play pin the Minion game. The food in this party can be healthy to match the theme. From lovely bananas decorated to mango flavoured juices in Minion cups.

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Spa theme
This is an innovative theme for birthday parties for girls. It can easily be an outdoor one too. With Hawaiian themed food and decoration, the main idea is to indulge them in some ‘me’ time, giving them pedicures, manicures and skin friendly removable tattoos. You either can hire people for this or make all the kids to do those on one another. Get various nail polishes, small towels and water containers. Set up an area when they can sit and pamper. The place can be decorated with paper made palm trees, white clothes and other beach accessories. Get all the kids a bathrobe to wear on top of their clothes. The food can be easy breezy with fruit salad, pastas and chicken popcorns etc. Get good music with an up tempo beat and have them dance. For games, you can have best nail art competition or tattoo drawing fest. If outdoors, you can also have water splash party along with water games.

Jungle theme
A jungle theme is a colourful party idea, with various green and yellows, room can be easily decorated and turned into a jungle. Be it Tarzan or Jungle Book, every kid has a close affinity for jungle safaris, so what better to do than a jungle party! Get the guests to come in fancy dress costumes or animal masks of each character. Kids can be Mowgli and play around different games. The invitation card can be in a green jungle format. The room can be set with green trees all around made out with cardboards and papers. You can welcome the kids with the safari caps. Make them the snake shaped sandwiches and refreshing fruit juices.

Princess cupcakes

Princess theme
For girls, a princess themed party is a favourite. Themes such as Frozen, Moana or a Barbie princess all are interesting choices. The colour code is sure to be pink, decorations to be with stickers, pink metallic balloons and castle designs. It can be modern and classy. The cake can be in the design of your kid’s favourite princess. The boys can also join by becoming various princes. You can provide masks, tiaras, crowns and swords. Games such as role-playing, tea making, colouring and masquerade party dance are all time favourites. Foods can be fancy and colourful such as cupcakes or small plastic wine glasses filled with mousse and sandwiches with cheese and cucumber.
So let the party begin. Follow any of the above ideas and create a fun birthday for your child. The trick is to make the kids happy – keep it simple yet interesting.

This post was written by Debora Sleeman

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