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Top Tips For Flying From Birmingham Airport

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Summer is just around the corner and that means that many people are preparing for their summer holidays. There are so many things that you need to consider when planning your summer holiday and sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. Which airport are you going to fly from? Does everyone have a valid passport? These are all things that need to be considered before you go.

If you are planning on jetting off on holiday this summer and are going to be flying from the very popular Birmingham Airport, then we have some useful tips for you. These include everything from where to park to where to get your travel currency that you’ll need. Keep reading to hear our top tips to help you have a great airport experience and an even better holiday.

Use The Airport Car Park
There are many ways that you can get to and from Birmingham Airport from the city centre but the best way to get there is by car. While many people think that it is more expensive to park at the airport, you can actually save money when you have a large family and need to pay for public transport for all of them.
This is why we suggest that you book your space at Birmingham Airport parking car park 5. You can do this online at Birmingham and you’ll even save money if you do it before your day of departure. Make sure to consider booking ‘Meet and Greet’ at Birmingham Airport for a stress-free trip.

Go Through Security First
If you have never flown to or from Birmingham Airport before then you might not realise just how busy this airport can get. Birmingham is a hub for many different things, and this means that many passengers need to use this airport on a daily basis. For this reason, we suggest that you avoid the cafes and bars that you’ll find near the check in desks in this airport and head straight for security. It is always better to be through security before you sit down and relax in case it takes longer than expected.
If you get stuck in a security line, there is no guarantee that you are going to make your flight. Get right through and there will be plenty of restaurants and shops for you to explore on the other side!

Consider Getting Express Security
If you are typically someone who runs late then you might find that a ticket for express security could do you the world of good. As we have previously mentioned, Birmingham Airport can become very busy and a long security line could cost you your flight. This is why we think that you should consider paying for a Fast Track ticket in advance of your travel.

These tickets are only £3 if you buy them online before you go but if you forget, you can always buy them for £5 when you get there. Consider this if you are flying from Birmingham Airport this summer.

Pick Up your Foreign Currency There
If you are planning on flying outside of the UK from Birmingham Airport, then you might need some foreign currency. Most of the European countries will use the Euro but you might need to pick up some Dollars and other currencies if you are travelling further afield. While most people pick this up before their trip, it can be easy to forget to get some money exchanged in the packing stages of the trip.

The great thing about Birmingham Airport is that you can actually pick up some of the foreign currency that you need right there in the departure lounge. Make sure to utilise the ‘click and collect’ service on your mobile phone as it not only more convenient but it can give you discounts! Don’t fret if you have forgotten your currency or if you don’t have time to pick it up – Birmingham Airport will save the day and get your trip off to the best possible start!

Final Verdict
Birmingham airport is a great airport to fly from and many airlines provide flights from this location every single week. If you are planning on flying from this airport in the near future, then you should make sure to take on board the tips that we have given you in this article. Think about planning your transfers in advance and booking your parking space online before you go. You should also think about investing in a fast track security pass to speed things up a little if you are travelling at a busy time.
Follow our advice and you should be able to have a great trip abroad when you fly from Birmingham airport.

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