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Transform Into A Better Version Of Yourself

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There comes a time in your life where you will really stop and think about everything it is that you’re doing. You’ll wonder what your purpose in life is, and you’ll wonder where you’re actually heading in life. So this is some deep thinking to do, but eventually something in our life will push us to think like it. It might be that you’ve woken up too many times in the morning, and thought about how you hate getting up for work. It might be that you’re still out every weekend spending all of your money, and then wondering why you have none left to spend on what you actually need to. It might be that you’ve realised that all you’re living for is work and paying the bills. Whatever has brought you to reading this article, or to think the way that you’re thinking, we’re here to help. It’s never too early to change your life completely around, and it could be the start of something amazing. All you have to be committed to the change, and actually realise where you’re going wrong in life. So sit down and relax, as this short read could change your life!


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Get Your Thinking Cap On
So the first thing that you really need to think about doing, is getting your thinking cap on. You need to think about what it is about your life that you don’t like, and that you always wish you could improve. For a lot of you, you’ll think about the generic things, like work or money. But sometimes you have to dig a lot deeper than that to actually find out what it is that’s making your life the way it is. For a lot of you, it will be your own way of thinking that’s getting in the way. We can think about the things in our lives that get us down, and we will happily do that all day long. But when it comes to actually doing something about it, it’s a very different story. This is called the art of procrastination, and some of us have spent our lives getting very good at it. So, when you think about all of the things outside of work and money that you don’t like about your life, think about how you would actually go about changing them, and then action it. It might be that you hate the fact that you never get enough sleep, but spend hours a night scrolling through your phone. The simple solution is to set up a routine. It might be that you’re always eating takeaways and microwave meals rather than eating properly, so research some easy fifteen minute meals. Lean in fifteen is a good recipe book filled with all types of meals that you can easily make in fifteen minutes, so you should never have the excuse of not having enough time!

Start Making Moves
So, we’ve started giving you some hints about the little changes you could make in your life that would start to make a big difference in life. But sometimes you have to make these big life decisions, that will send you on a totally new and exciting direction. One of the areas in life that people struggle to change, is careers. Your career is something that you either really love, or you spend your days wishing them away. If it is the latter, then it’s time to start thinking about a new direction that you can take. So for us, it has to be something different to what you’re in now. Unless you love the work, you just hate the company. But if you’re finding the work so draining, then it’s time to have a look at how you can train in other careers. Perhaps taking a look at the University of California, and seeing what online courses they offer. Because if there’s one thing that we know about this day and age, it’s that it’s pretty much impossible to get a job without having to have the experience, or the qualification. Unless you want to spend your time working up as a trainee, and starting on money that will barely support you and your family, you have to find other routes. Now although it would be hard to train in something new, as well as manage family life and work, it can be draining. But if this is what you want from life, and this is how you think you’re going to transform into a better person, then it’s just what you have to do!

Get Rid Of Those Toxic Traits
So now onto something that we definitely find hard as people to do. We find it hard to admit that something about us is so wrong, and something about us is toxic. A toxic trait is something that affects the way that you live your life, and the way that other people are able to live there’s. One of the most toxic traits that we have, is laziness. Being lazy is such an easy routine to fall into, but that’s simply because we’re not living our lives how we should be. We don’t allow enough time to sleep, we don’t make the most of our time off, we don’t drink enough, and we generally just live our lives bad. Our suggestion is to make a list of all of the things you want to get done in a day, and when by. Sometimes this makes it so much easier to stick to. Hydrate yourself, get in more than seven hours of sleep, and just feel like you’re getting something more out of life.

Find Those That Make You Better
A lot of you will admit that you have toxic traits that are much deeper than the ones that we’ve spoken about, so it’s time to surround yourself with those that make your better. Whether it means distancing yourself from people who are a bad influence, or just finding new people to be a positive influence on your life, you have to go and do it. Anyone around you carrying bad energy should go! If you feel like you’re struggling to meet new people, joining a club is one of the best things that you can do!

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    transformation happens with an idea. Idea to change yourself. Idea tochange your mindset.

    SURAJ 27th July 2019 10:19 am Reply

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