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Treating & Avoiding Verrucas

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For all parents, keeping their children fit and healthy is a priority. We all want our kids to enjoy life, so the last thing we want is for them to get sick. It feels good to see your children enjoying the sports and activities that they love. So, it is horrible when something like a verruca puts the brakes on things like going swimming. Or, worse, causes pain that makes running around too painful for your children to be able to play freely.

A faster way to get rid of verrucas
The problem with verrucas is that they can be quite hard to get rid of. In the past, you had little choice but to use traditional treatments. Even if you caught the verruca during the early stages, it could still take weeks to clear one up. Fortunately, these days, in most parts of the country, it is now possible to access verruca microwave therapy.

This new form of treatment is very effective. Most of the time, one or two sessions is enough to completely get rid of the plantar wart. Plus, this relatively new therapy will get rid of even quite deeply rooted verrucas. The microwaves are able to penetrate the skin, which helps to ensure that the wart does not return.

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Avoiding getting a verruca
It is great to know that you can now get rid of these painful warts fast, but, naturally what you really want to do is to avoid you and your kids getting them in the first place. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid the risk.

Invest in swimming shoes
If your local pool allows it encourage your children to wear swimming shoes. These form an effective barrier against the Human Papilloma virus (HPV), which causes these nasty, painful warts. If you do buy a pair, make sure your children understand that only they should wear them. Also, be sure to rinse them out and turn them inside out to dry completely each time they are used. This helps to ensure that fungus cannot take hold and cause other foot problems.

Make sure your kids change their socks every day
Make sure that your children wear fresh socks, every day. It is wise to double check that they are actually doing so. Also, make sure that your kid´s sports socks get put straight in the wash every time they wear them. HPV thrives in damp conditions.

Keep your footwear clean
It is just as important to clean the inside or your shoes as it is to clean the outsides. This short article explains how to keep everyone´s footwear free of fungal spores and viruses.

Cover foot lesions
If your child cuts their foot or gets blisters always clean it carefully each day and apply a plaster. Continue to do so until the cut has scabbed or new skin has started to grow. The Human Papilloma virus can easily enter the body via cuts and blisters, so this is a very important precaution.

Should a member of the family get a verruca make sure they never walk around the house barefoot. Before they take a shower or have a bath the verruca needs to be covered with a waterproof plaster. Taking these precautions will stop the problem from spreading to other members of the family.

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  • At some point, almost everyone will have to deal with the irritation that is a wart or a verruca. Those nasty little lumps can pop up unexpectedly and cause an irritation as well as a bit of embarrassment.

    verruca treatment Bristol 30th May 2018 6:15 am Reply

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