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A Vintage Look with MOD Shoes

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You know how one great piece can transform an outfit? Well I got this vibe when I wore these Lola shoes from MOD Shoes with my HotSquash jumpsuit!

1940s look

I created a 1940s inspired look with the addition of a wide headband and this outfit is so comfortable, wearable and smart looking that I enjoyed wearing it on a recent day out with my husband.

Back in the summer we were in Woodall Spa, a village in Lincolnshire on a weekend when a 1940s festival was running and the whole village it seemed was dressed in vintage style. This annual celebration of the 1940s is a sight to behold as everywhere you turn there are people looking amazing, it’s like stepping into the pages of a history book.

I would have been right at home in my outfit but I have only just got these Lola shoes, so maybe next year! Here is a photo I took of some of the visitors to the festival.

1940s weekend Woodall Spa cropped

Here I am rocking my vintage look with the very smart Lola shoes!

MOD Shoes collage

I was able to interview the head of MOD Shoes, Andy Lindsay about his company.

1. How long has MOD Shoes been running for?
MOD Shoes was established in 2011 to sell vintage inspired shoes so lovers of this style can easily find lots of retro designs in one place rather than having to hunt them out! We originally started selling men’s shoes bought from other companies. However, most of our shoes have now been designed ourselves, both for men and women. Once designed, they are made in a very small, family-run factory. We provided the ladies shoes for the West End musical ‘All or Nothing’, and our Dusty shoes are going to be used in a musical about the life of Dusty Springfield, which is touring the country at the moment.

2. Do you have any celebrity customers?
We do have a few celebrity customers, however, due to confidentiality, our only named celebrity is Kenney Jones. Best known for his work in the group The Small Faces and The Who. Kenney Jones was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. We collaborated to design a shoe which are called the Kenney Jones, and are officially endorsed by the musician himself, which can be found in 4 colours on the Modshoes website. Additionally, many of our shoes have been named after celebrities, such as the Dustys, which are named after Dusty Springfield.

3. When I was a girl I always had patent shoes. Are they popular?
We love the patent style due to its retro look, and have used this on several of our shoes, such as Lolas, Dustys, Mariannes and Raquels. The popularity of these shoes has been continuous since their release, therefore we believe have come back into fashion extensively recently, to achieve a 1960s/70s look.

4. Are there any plans for children’s MOD shoes?
Currently, we have no plans to create children shoes, as there is no demand for them. However, we may look into this in the future.

The shoe I am wearing in the photos is the Lola, these are priced at £92.00 but I received them as a gift from the retailer for the purpose of this review.

Learn more about MOD Shoes and see their full range at their website: www.modshoes.co.uk

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