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Weightloss: Before and During…

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Weightloss before and during

When thinking about my slimming journey, I can talk about weightloss: before and during but I’m still not at the ‘after’ stage just yet! However it’s good to get some inspiration to continue – God knows it can be hard at times, so I wanted to create a blog post showing where I was and where I am now so that I’ll have something to link to when I do my ‘After’ shot!

Notice that I said ‘when’. Getting to my goal weight isn’t a case of ‘if’, it’s a case of ‘when’. I’m not the speediest slimmer but I am a slow and steady wins the race kind of girl. I believe that if you keep chipping away that eventually you will have a masterpiece. I’m still working on mine!

So here I was at my biggest – Before: (I actually had to slim down to get into this dress but I don’t have photographic evidence of when I was two sizes bigger than this. Funnily enough I wanted to avoid cameras!)
Nadine before shot

This is me – During:

Let’s look at those side by side shall we?
Weightloss before and during

As for ‘After’ – watch this space! You might be watching for a while though! Like I said, I’m not the fastest! One thing that this slimming lark has taught me though is that I’m resilient and determined. I wouldn’t have thought that before necessarily. If someone asked me to list my qualities I’d have said something like ‘positive’ or ‘inclusive’. Not determined, but I have a core of steel running through me. There are times when I don’t feel it – all I feel are the wobbly bits but it is there.

I do like to get out and exercise these days- it keeps me motivated and to be honest – sane! This is one of my fave tops!
I run because I really like cake vest

If you are stuggling with slimming, believe me, I totally know that fight. It’s tough but we will get there in the end. Have a look at my YouTube channel for some inspiration for slimming recipes and motivations, and remember to keep chipping away at your masterpiece!

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Comments to Weightloss: Before and During…

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  • I’ve just stumbled across your blog from the BritMums post of the week linky – and wowsers! Well done on your weight loss you’re looking great! That workout top is THE COOLEST THING EVER – i totally need one as I’m cake mad!!

    I really empathise with you on the weight loss thing – and slow and steady most definitely is the best way to get the weight off and keep it off. Over the past 1.5 years I’ve shed nearly 7 stone through change in diet and plenty of exercise – I’ve never once called it “a diet” as it wasn’t something I wanted to do for a certain amount of time and then go back to my old unhealthy ways – I wanted to make changes for life – and I wanted to be able to eat any food, just in moderation. I have been calorie counting using My Fitness Pal and it’s worked so well for me. I’ve written lots about my journey on my blog http://www.mrsbishopsbakesandbanter.co.uk if you fancy a read, and to see some before and after shots. I went from 17 stone 2 lbs and a size 20, to 10 stone 7lbs and a size 12. 🙂 xxx

    Lucy Bishop 13th June 2015 6:46 pm Reply
  • What fantastic work your looking great. Keep up the good work x #MBPW

    Emma Chanagasubbay 17th June 2015 12:21 am Reply
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