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What is a Pampered Chef Party?

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Roast chicken on a wooden board

What is a Pampered Chef Party? I used to work as a Pampered Chef consultant and one of the things that people were often intrigued about was how the party host would get so many freebies! So I wanted to write about how Pampered Chef parties work and explain exactly what the hosts receive for having one!

When you are invited to a Pampered Chef party, it is quite exciting. It is unlike any other ‘party plan’ kind of sales event because you get to see a recipe demonstration (or two) and then you get to eat the food afterwards! A party with good food always goes down well and the consultants who come to prepare the food get regular training on the latest seasonal recipes. It makes for a ‘classy’ night out with friends, one where you can enjoy good food and company, buy a gadget to make your life easier and maybe learn a trick or two!

Roast chicken on a wooden board

Don’t turn up at a Pampered Chef party starving, having skipped a meal as it isn’t like a sit down dinner! You will get a taster of each dish the consultant prepares so it’s like having a bit of supper on an evening rather than your main meal. The consultant will probably demonstrate two dishes. This could be two savoury dishes or a savoury dish and a dessert but the decision as to what is cooked on the night is made beforehand between the consultant and the party host.

After you have seen the cooking show part of the evening, you’ll have a chance to look through the catalogue. There are loads of products to choose from and there is something for everyone from the seasoned cook or baker who sees a foodie gadget to make her food prep even better or the person who hates cooking and just wants an easy life! Whatever you choose, there is an opportunity to get a free gift with a spend of £45 or more – when I was a guest I always used to love this part and would keep an ongoing wish list of what I would like so I could get enough products to take my order to over £45 so I could have a freebie!

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Guests place their orders direct with the consultant and can pay by cash or Visa / Mastercard, then at the end of the night, the consultant will sit down with the host and let her know the total value of sales received on the night. This is where it gets good for the host.

When the host has a party that generates sales below ‘Level One’ (see below) then she gets a few points to spend in the catalogues on free items of her choosing. However the choice is limited as the points would be low. The higher the sales, the more points the host gets so the more products she can choose from.

When the party sales are between £350 – £499.99 the host gets ‘Level One’ which is some pre-determined products from The Pampered Chef for that month, plus one or more half price items, plus points to spend on freebies of her choosing plus a discount on anything else she wishes to buy!

‘Level Two’ is extra freebies from The Pampered Chef plus everything that the Level One party gets, and this is for sales of £500 – £649.99. ‘Level Three’ is everything that Level One and Two gets and a bit extra on top. This is for a party with sales of £650 or more. What The Pampered Chef offers for Level One, Two and Three changes each month – your consultant will be able to supply the details. (This information was correct at the time of writing -June 2015 and could change without notice – see The Pampered Chef website for more details).

The video below was filmed at a cooking show where I was the consultant and it shows a bit about what is involved. It also explains the host and guest rewards:

As you can see, we had a lot of fun that night and my host – Lindsey did very well afterwards with free items as her party sales were excellent. She put a lot of work in beforehand however to make the party a success – inviting plenty of people and reminding them the day before. She even got extra points to spend in the catalogue because more than 15 guests ordered and even more points when a few of her guests booked their own party, so the points really do stack up and can add up to a lot of free products for the host! In this case, she was allowed two half price items from the catalogue in addition to her host points and a discount on anything else she wanted. Hosts are really well looked after! The best way to enjoy these benefits for yourself is to become a host!

I am no longer working as a Pampered Chef consultant as I am devoting my time to this blog, but you can find your nearest consultant by going to The Pampered Chef website and clicking on ‘Find A Consultant’ at the top.

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  • I discovered Pampered Chef 3 or 4 years ago, and I love it! I find the parties perfect for catching up with friends whilst having friends and I always end up spending way more than I should. All the stuff they sell is so nice! X

    Mel 6th June 2015 9:41 pm Reply
    • The stuff is the best isn’t it? I love all my Pampered Chef products! x

      Nadine Hill 23rd June 2015 9:21 am Reply
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  • When someone pays by cash at a party, how does that work as a consultant? Do you have to put it through on your own debit card or just bank it the next day?

    alison march 12th November 2015 11:14 pm Reply

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