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What to Hide & What to Display in Your Kitchen

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Whilst some of us might want to show off our elaborate purchases, those of us that prefer a more traditional look might want to instead help our appliances blend into the furniture. The kitchens that appear to have the greatest impact are those that don’t try too hard to make an impression and treat the appliances as a part of the furniture. So, here are a number of creative kitchen ideas to help keep the heart of your home tidy and functional.

kaboompics_Kitchen utensils by the wall

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There is no such thing as an attractive microwave, but with a little creativity, you could hide it away so the only time you’ll see it is when it’s in use. It’s also small enough that fit shouldn’t provide you with much hassle and there are a number of places it could fit in the typical kitchen. The options for hiding your microwave are plentiful. Consider, for example, housing the microwave in its own cupboard, or building a cubby above the hob with a neat little spice rack.

Many modern homeowners hide away their fridge freezers because they simply don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as they once did. Whilst modern fridges might have all the technological bells and whistles, they are often bulky and ugly. Mercifully, many fridges are built with integration in mind, and are designed to slot into your kitchen and have your own cupboards and frontage attached to the front side. A standalone freezer, meanwhile, could perhaps be squirrelled away in a long wooden sideboard or in the bottom cupboard away from prying fingers.

Swing Stools
A breakfast bar is a wonderfully modern concept that has really come into its own in recent years, but stools take upon a lot of room. With a little handy work, however, it’s very easy to install some playful swivel stools that disappear underneath the breakfast bar when not in use. Make sure you use some strong hinges though!

Storage Space
Sometimes it’s not just about hiding away ugly appliances, but about making the most of your available space. In a small kitchen, ever centimetre matters and storage is one of the areas in which you can make the most obvious simple changes. Consider, for example, installing a simple kitchenware shelf over the window for your plates or adding shelving to the awkward corners tucked under cabinets. Plates and cutlery can also be hung on the wall with the right racks and can create a distinct decorative effect too. Mugs too are perfect for hanging, as are tea towels.

Pull-Out Pantry
Few of us require a full-blown pantry with hundreds of exotic ingredients we’ll never get around to using. In this situation, a pull-out pantry is an ideal alternative. These dry goods cabinets can be installed either above or below a countertop and slide out with minimal fuss.

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