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What to Wear at a Blogging Conference

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What to wear at a blogging conference

As a blogger I attend many blogging events to network and develop my skills. Each event tends to have its own Facebook group or online community where you can chat about the day ahead and ask questions. One of the topics that always comes up is “What shall I wear?!” So here is my guide to what to wear at a blogging conference.

Generally these events are relaxed affairs, and comfort is usually key! You can be on your feet for a good chunk of the day so flat shoes are wise, and if there was an unofficial dress code, it would be ‘smart casual’. However anything goes- many bloggers like to wear their jeans and a top. My style is to wear something that flatters my curves whilst being smart and distinctive.

I went to Blog Camp in Birmingham at the weekend and saw some of my lovely fellow bloggers – both old friends and met some new too, and in my experience, there’s nothing quite like a group of women for support and making you feel great. I decided to wear my new leopard print dress as from plus size online retailer, Curvety as they kindly offered me a choice of dress to review!

What to wear at a blogging conference

Some of the things that were said to me whilst I had on this dress:
“You look foxy”
“You’re a hot mama”
I took this as a good sign!

The dress is a wraparound number with three quarter length sleeves and it comes to below the knee. This makes it a very flattering style for an hourglass shape like me. The sleeves cover up the top of my arms (bingo wing territory!) and the wrap front makes my decolletage look amazing! Very womanly but also very modest. As I am well equipt in the boobalicious area, I like to wear a black vest underneath the dress to avoid looking too busty but this is personal preference!

The skirt of the dress is full – they have been generous with the fabric which means that not only does it give you a nice shape, but when you sit down you don’t have the embarassment of ‘leg gape’! This is important at blogging events as you will find yourself note taking regularly and the last thing you need is to be fidgeting and adjusting your outfit then missing an important piece of information from the speaker!

There is however a potential downside to this full skirt, but you can avoid that if you are aware of it. Let me share some tweets from the day to fill you in…

Twitter oops skirt knickers status @Businessmum

I felt great in this dress and am wearing it again on Friday for ‘date night’! But do you know what I love most about this dress? I was able to wash it in the washing machine then simply hang it up when wet to dry naturally (it doesn’t need tumble drying) and because of the fabric, it comes out beautifully – no ironing! Any piece of clothing that doesn’t need ironing is a gem in my book. The dress is made from 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex so it won’t crease whilst wearing either.

The leopard print dress is by Curvety and is called the Kiyonna Essential Wrap Dress. It costs £105 with free delivery and is usually dispatched within 24 hours so you can get it before the weekend if you act now. Big thanks to Curvety for making me look nice and big thanks to Tots 100 for Blog Camp – they put on a great event!

So to recap, here’s a handy checklist of what to wear at a blogging conference:

  • Flat / comfy shoes
  • Smart, casual dress is usually best
  • Beware of possible fashion fails like skirts tucked into knickers!
  • Pockets or a bag are handy for storing the many business cards you will inevitably be given
  • Layers work well, depending on the venue size it could get very hot or cold, so the ability to layer up or down helps!
  • This last point is just something I do when I am being collected afterwards by my hubby and kids, I bring a brush and bobble with me in the car so when I get out of the event I can get my hair into a high ponytail and out of my way! If I’ve been in shoes without socks, I bring some warm socks too to soothe my feet on the way home!

    Dress c/o Curvety

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    • I’m off to my first blog conference next month – so many things to think about, I’d hardly considered outfit. Will have to get thinking!

      Cathy (MummyTravels) 28th May 2015 8:46 am Reply
      • haha! Don’t let my post worry you! Blog conferences are so much fun and very friendly. Which one are you off to Cathy? If It’s BritMums Live, I’ll see you there:-)

        Nadine Hill 29th May 2015 8:53 am Reply
      • Was lovely to meet you at BritMums Live Cathy!

        Nadine Hill 23rd June 2015 9:24 am Reply
    • I’m glad to see you wearing a dress to a conference. I was thinking of wearing a dress to Britmums Live but so many people have told me they are wearing jeans, I was beginning to think I would look overdressed! Reading this has made me think again.

      Cardiff Mummy Says - Cathryn 13th June 2015 7:32 pm Reply
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