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What to Wear for This Year’s Equestrian Events?

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Equestrian events provide a fun-packed day out. Whether you’re competing, or whether you’re attending as a spectator, one of the key parts of getting ready for the event is deciding what to wear.

Outfits play a major role at these events, so you’ll want to take your time to ensure you’re putting together the perfect look. To help, below you’ll discover some key tips on what to wear at this year’s equestrian events.

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What to wear for show jumping?
If you’re planning on taking part in your first show jumping event this year, there’s a specific dress code you’ll need to follow. The dress code you’ll be expected to follow will depend upon the level of the competition. If you’ll be competing in an amateur event, the dress code tends to be a little more relaxed than it is at professional level.

As a general rule, the dress code for show jumping events includes traditional boots, light coloured jodhpurs, a correct riding hat, a formal white shirt and a fitted jacket.

What to wear for other horse events?
If you’ll be partaking in other horse events, the dress code may be slightly different. With cross country events, the dress code is usually informal. This means a lot of riders tend to match their outfit with the horse tack they’ll be using.
One thing you will be required to wear is a protective vest and an approved riding helmet. You’ll also need to wear a medical armband which contains information on your medical history. Any shirts you wear must have sleeves and riding coats aren’t usually worn at these events. Besides these few rules, the dress code is very relaxed for cross country events. General wear, like women’s jodhpurs in any colour can be worn for cross country events. However, it is worth looking at the specific event you’re partaking in to see whether it has its own dress code rules.

What should you wear as a spectator?
Even if you aren’t participating in an event, you may still want to dress up in horse riding clothing. This will depend upon the type of event you’re attending. If you’re going to watch the races for example, you’ll find these are quite lavish occasions where spectators get really glammed up. If you’re going to a more formal horse event, you’ll find the spectators often wear jodhpurs and fitted riding jackets.

So, familiarise yourself with the type of event you’re attending, and the general dress code followed. The above are just some of the basic dress code rules you need to be aware of. Remember, it’s best to check the specific dress code rules of the event you’ll be attending as they can differ between events.

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