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Why Having Quality Relaxing Time is Important for Your Health

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If you’re looking to improve your health and happiness, the key could be relaxation. Today’s hectic pace of life can often leave us feeling tired, stressed and anxious. Without taking the time out to relax and recharge, you could soon start to experience some pretty nasty health effects.

Here, we’ll look at just some of the reasons having quality relaxing time is important for your health.

Helping to ease anxiety and depression
One of the main benefits that relaxation has, is that it can really help to ease anxiety and depression. Not only can it help to ease the symptoms, but it can also prevent the conditions in the first place according to research.

It’s worth pointing out we’re talking about mild to moderate depression. It’s also worth remembering that although relaxation will certainly help, it isn’t considered better than cognitive behavioural therapy. So, if your mental health issues are more severe, you’ll still want to seek actual treatment as well as practising relaxation.

It activates disease fighting genes
It’s not just your mental health which will benefit from relaxation. According to research carried out by the Harvard Medical School, those who practice relaxation techniques such as yoga, have more disease fighting genes than those who don’t. This suggests relaxation helps to activate these genes.

So, what does this mean? Well, you’ll be better protected against pain, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure and infertility. While it isn’t guaranteed you won’t develop these conditions, partaking in regular relaxation practices such as yoga, will certainly help to reduce the risks.

Helping to keep you slimmer
Who would have thought that putting your feet up could help make you slimmer? According to experts, managing stress can really help us to stick to a healthier diet, aiding in weight loss. It makes sense given that when you’re stressed, you tend to reach for fast, convenient foods.

Stress can also lead you to want to treat yourself to unhealthier meals such as takeaways. When you’re relaxed on the other hand, you are much more likely to reach for healthier foods, as well as exercise more. So, the more relaxed you are, the easier you’ll find it to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

As you can see, relaxation really is important for our health. If you want to improve any aspect of your health, learning to relax more can prove to be extremely beneficial. So, if you constantly feel tired, stressed out and generally unwell, practising relaxation techniques could be just what you need. Whether it’s reading a book, pampering yourself, going for a walk or listening to your favourite music, try to partake in at least one relaxing activity every day.

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