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Why I am not calling myself ‘Businessmum’ anymore

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I’ve name changed!

For more than a decade I’ve been known on social media platforms as @Businessmum. But the time has come for this shift. Both for me personally and for women in general.

Let me explain.

There are words and phrases used against women that we can all agree are completely unacceptable. These are slurs.

Then there are the subtly sexist words that fly under the radar but are as damaging long term because these phrases act like tiny erosions to minimise women or reduce them to their functions.

Phrases like @Businessmum.

In and of itself this isn’t a word people may consider demeaning. It’s factual in my case. However I can appreciate how it contributes to a culture that undervalues women. Businessmum has no male equivalent descriptor.

With the conversations around everyday sexism gaining momentum, it feels like the world at large is actually listening and change is starting to happen. Moods and attitudes are shifting. People are becoming conscious.

Back when I became a mum (18 years ago) and started my business (16 years ago), phrases like business mum, mumpreneur and ‘kitchen table tycoon’ were seen as empowering and to be celebrated.

Now they sound a bit quaint and old fashioned.

I’m not turning my back on anything that I have stood for in the past under the guise of @Businessmum.
I, Nadine Hill the person, have not changed. How I choose to represent myself, has changed.

I care about words and language. I care about people. I care about valuing people – whatever their sex or gender.

I’m proud to be a woman and a mum. I’m proud to stand up for women and if you’re a woman out there doing your thing in the world or staying home and creating the world for your children then I’m your biggest cheerleader. Whatever makes you happy. I support you, your choice and your right to express yourself however you see fit.

But this name isn’t working for me anymore.

Before I sign off, there are a few points I’d like to make clear:

  • Empowering women doesn’t mean disempowering men.
  • We need good men, just as we need good women. We need allies.
  • Patriarchy hurts everyone. If men feel unable to be vulnerable or show emotion, what will that do to the rates of suicide and depression amongst men?
  • So this is me, @IAmNadineHill. Not Businessmum. Which could almost be a cute little cartoon character, all non threatening and submissive.

    As my blogger friends know, the act of writing for the world to see is brave and badass.
    I am a badass.
    I am Nadine Hill.

    Find me on social media here.

    My blog, JuggleMum is staying for now. I have future plans that will involve dropping the name at some stage but for now it is a platform which I own and can use to promote my other activities. Business enquiries about the top level domain ‘JuggleMum’ should be directed to me by email.

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