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Why Strings & Things Are Among the UK’s Most Popular Snacks for Kids

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Few things are more fundamental to your role as a parent than making sure your kids are getting the nutrients they need every day to grow up happy and healthy. That’s what can make it all the more frustrating and even guilt-wracking when you pack their lunch. If you’re like the majority of parents in Britain, you don’t have the time to whip up a brand-new healthy meal from scratch every day.

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What’s more, you know what havoc can be visited upon lunchboxes on a daily basis. Children play with them, toss them aside, and otherwise handle them without an ounce of care. You don’t want to pack something delicate only for your child to wind up with nothing but crumbs for lunch.

Thankfully, Strings & Things kids snacks are saving Britain’s parents’ hunger for easy healthy food for their children. How are these simple snacks charming kids and earning parents’ seal of approval?


Durable Packaging
For one thing, Strings & Things are packed in sturdy plastic tubes, making them incredibly durable as a snack food. That’s good, considering the fact that we all know how kids aren’t always the most careful with their lunchboxes. You need to make sure whatever you’re packing them for lunchtime can take a beating. Where sandwiches, jellies, yoghurts, puddings, and countless other food products might splatter under pressure, string cheese is durable enough to withstand a day’s worth of activity at school and still be in one piece come lunchtime.

A Portable Snack
Younger children especially often don’t have the patience for a sit down meal. They prefer to be running around playing with their friends. The last thing they’re going to want is to have a sit down meal. Once again, string cheese comes out on top in this respect. Its design allows kids to eat while on the go.

No Mess
What’s more, the last thing you want as a parent is a snack food that leaves a mess. No parent wants to spend forever cleaning up their kid after snack time, or to see them come home from school with their face or front splattered with food. Strings & Things solves this problem nicely. These cheese strings pose practically no risk for mess whatsoever, ensuring that snack time now doesn’t mean clean up later.

Healthy Snacks
Finally, as a parent, you’d naturally prefer your child ate something a bit healthier than sugar-covered-sugar all the time. That said, it’s a sad fact that snack foods and fast foods are often more convenient to prepare or eat than their healthier counterparts.

Strings & Things and cheese products like them are a welcome counterpoint to this. Each stick boasts 180 ml of milk, making it a viable option for getting in one of your child’s necessary servings of dairy per day. What’s more, these cheese strings are rich in calcium, contain Vitamin D, and have only 70 calories.
All of these factors have combined to make cheese products like Strings & Things one of the most popular kids snacks in the UK.

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